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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [IP CLEARANCE] Radii8 for Apache Flex
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2014 03:43:41 GMT

Mostly good but -1 (binding) as it still needs a little more clean up

First off the code in bundle for IP clearance doesn't match what is recorded in the grant.
The grant specifies this [1]. Not sure if this is a major issue or not but I expected them
to be the same.

While the Github repo only has one user, some of the code varies in style which may indicate
that the code came from multiple people/sources and is of unknown licence. For example concatenateMetaDataXMLItems
in in com.flexcapacitor.utils. A quick google search turns up the same code
here [2] which a) predates the code being in the github repo and may of been where the code
may of came from. Of course not easy to tell but this at least needs confirmation that this
is not an issue.  I notice that this file may incorrectly have an Apache licence header but
they depends on the license of the code in question. In the same file I also see isSimple
which looks like it was copied from the Flex SDK (not an issue just an observation) but could
also indicate that source in this file has come from various different places. I only checked
a couple of methods in that file and only a few likely files so there may be other files/methods
with similar issues in the donation.

Solution is to get the donor to double check that all code was written by then and/or has
a compatible licence, in particular when the style is different.

There are also possibly some icons than may have non compatatble licences in there. I'm not
aware of the original license of the icons but as most icons have been blacked out I assume
that it was a non compatible one.

Here are some of the non blacked out ones. I may of missed some.


Easy solution is to black out these files - assuming they have an incompatible licence that

A minor issue may exist with the binary file PortraitMode.psd. Does this need to be a photoshop
file or can it be converted to a different format? If not are we OK with photoshop files in
the repo?

I'll also note that these issues could of been fixed before bringing it to the incubator if
the Flex PMC rather than a single person had been involved in grant process.



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