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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Blur version 0.2.3-incubating RC2
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 02:50:56 GMT

> It requires 3 +1 votes on the podling list, they then bring it here
> for the 3+1 *binding* votes. In our case we got 4 total +1 {2 IPMC
> members; 2 PPMC members} and came here for the third binding vote.  I
> think the Aaron was precise in his usage of "+1 votes" and "+1 binding
> votes". Mine and Patrick's vote carry through here leaving us 1 shy of
> 3 binding +1 votes from IPMC members. I'm not seeing the point of
> confusion here.

The confusion is that the 2 PPMC votes were not stated as votes by the PPMC and could of been
from anyone.

Are IPMC votes consider binding on a podlings dev list and count toward the initial +3? I'm
assuming so but I can't find it stated anywhere.

If the other two votes were not by PPMC then there only +2 votes and so it's not valid. I
note that Chris is not listed here [1] but is on the initial committer list [2] and there's
no team page on the Blur site listing out the PPMC members. I assume they are PPMC votes but
as an outsider it's hard to know.


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