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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: web-editor AMAYA software resurrection in Apache Foundation ?
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:38:14 GMT
On Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:20:44 +0200
Antoine Chevrier <> wrote:

> Some of us like to use one of great WYSIWYG web editor: AMAYA software
> <>.
> The development and the maintaining of this software project, hold at the
> beginning by INRIA, and adopted by W3C, has been stopped, because of the
> retirement of people who drove this project.

I remember Amaya: it was an interesting experiment.
Wasn't it a W3C project that was briefly funded in the mid-1990s,
but that struggled to maintain momentum when funding dried up?
I guess much may have happened since I looked.

> An AMAYA discussion list exist on W3C mailing list
> <>. Appeal to continue this
> project and technical proposals, appear regularly across this list.

I see you use the word "resurrect" there.
Apache is not in the business of necrophilia!

> Our question is this: do you think the Apache Foundation could propose to
> the MAYA mailing list, to open a process to see if AMAYA project could
> enter into the Apache incubator project list, and how could this happen.

Apache doesn't propose anything.  Developers/Communities (having discussed
it amongst themselves) present a proposal to Apache in accordance with the
incubator guidelines[1].  If you want to submit a proposal, you should start
by reading the guidelines and other incubator documents.

Note that a prerequisite for incubation is that there should be a
viable developer community around the project.  Does Amaya have that?


Nick Kew

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