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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Reviewing license / notice and bundled software
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2014 00:19:08 GMT

Last few times I've reviewed LICENSE / NOTICE files in projects it ends up being quite difficult
knowing what exactly has been bundled and exactly how those bits of included software are
licensed. In particular some software (i.e. bootstap) have moved form an Apache license to
an MIT one in recent times and it not always immediately clear which version has been bundled.

So what the the best way for projects to indicate what versions of software (and what licences)
have been bundled and to make reviewing LICENSE/NOTICE easier? IMO this helps both the incubator
(more people vote/less issues get through) and incubating projects (less -1s due to LICENSE/NOTICE

In particular bundled Apache licensed software is an issue. How do you easily tell the difference
between a a missing entry to LICENSE (as the bundled software may be say BSD or MIT license)
vs nothing required in LICENSE as the bundled software is Apache licence? In some cases searching
for file headers can help but quite often they are missing and/or it not immediately obvious
what terms an external projects is licensed under.

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