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From Bikas Saha <>
Subject RE: Tez graduation [Was: Request for mentor assessment]
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 21:23:48 GMT
Community building is an organic process that grows on its own accord.
Members can only make efforts to evangelize the project and support the
initial users of the project by answering questions and helping them out.
We have tried do our part as the initial members of the community and we
think that we have been reasonably successful towards our goals - given
the complex technical nature of the project itself.

The beginnings of community building come from being open. When the
project was still new it was important that people understand the
motivations for the project and the core technical architecture of the
code that seeded the project. In order to do that we published a series of
deep technical blogs that describe the project and its technical
architecture. There was considerable favorable
reception about the quality of this series and brought a lot of mindshare
to the project.

Next we have spoken at a number of forums about Apache Tez. Here are the
presentations that come to mind.
1) Hadoop Summit San Jose 2013
2) Hadoop Summit Amsterdam 2014
3) Beijing Big Data Technology Conference 2013
4) Bay Area Hadoop User Group 2014
5) Los Angeles Hadoop User Group 2013
6) Big Data Camp LA 2014
7) Seattle Scalability Meetup 2014
8) New York Hadoop User Group 2014
9) Hadoop Summit San Jose 2014
10) QConf San Francisco Conference 2013
11) Discovery 2020 Workshop at LBNL Berkeley
12) Big Data Gurus Meetup 2014
13) Silicon Valley Hands On Programming Meetup 2014
14) Presentation at MapR HQ on Apache Tez

The community outreach events have been spread over time and geography and
should represent substantial effort towards community building. Here is an
example of the presentations we have made. More than
10 out of 48 slides are specifically there to motivate people to try out
and dig deeper with Apache Tez because the main aim of these presentations
is community outreach.

The email lists are a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Initial
questions are around simpler things like installation etc. But as people
start getting deeper they start asking more technical questions and then
start contributing to the project itself. Off-late there have been much
more interesting questions around scheduling and control plane events and
it reflects increasing usage and interest in the project.

We should also look at the response times for emails on those lists.
Almost all emails get answered within 1 day and most within 1 hour. We are
a small community with strong motivation to increase our community of
users and developers by addressing their roadblocks as soon as we can.

Aside from dev mailing lists, the other measure of interaction is on the
Apache Tez jira itself. Out of the 1200 jiras opened under the Apache Tez
project about 200 have been created by non-committer community members.

Another take on community building is how other community projects are
interacting with Apache Tez. We have strong adoption from Apache Pig and
Apache Hive. The Apache Pig effort has been an excellent example of cross
company collaboration done under the Apache umbrella with members from
Yahoo, LinkedIn, Netflix and Hortonworks. Apache Flink is a new incubator
project that is experimenting with integrating with Tez and shows a
positive outcome of the community outreach efforts. Adoption creates the
greatest support for project sustainability because the adopters have
interest in making sure that the project stays alive and continues to meet
their needs.
As an example of the interest shown by Apache Hive and Apache Pig in Tez
there have been multiple public talks by members of those communities
about how they have integrated with success with Apache Tez.
1) Bay Area Hadoop User Group 2014 (both Hive and Pig)
2) Hadoop Summit San Jose 2014 (both Hive and Pig)

Over the last few months we have been receiving active contributions in
quality and volume that enabled us to add a number of new committers.
Since their contributions were fairly obvious because of their
interactions with existing committers on the jiras, there wasn't much
discussion on the vote thread itself.

Finally, our 0.5 release is targeting community adoption and user adoption
by considerably simplifying the API for the project because we have
received feedback of that area being the specially challenging for

I hope these examples will help allay any doubts about the efforts and
success at building out the community around Apache Tez.


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From: Mattmann, Chris A (3980) []
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: Tez graduation [Was: Request for mentor assessment]

Thanks Ted, appreciate it and we will make sure to address your comments
and sincerely appreciate the time you took to type your replies and do
your research. It will no doubt help the community and thank you again.

Chris Mattmann, Ph.D.
Chief Architect
Instrument Software and Science Data Systems Section (398) NASA Jet
Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA 91109 USA
Office: 168-519, Mailstop: 168-527
Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science Department University of
Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089 USA

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From: Ted Dunning <>
Reply-To: "" <>
Date: Monday, June 23, 2014 1:39 PM
To: "" <>
Cc: "" <>
Subject: Re: Tez graduation [Was: Request for mentor assessment]

>I will look as soon as possible. I am on a trip right now and am
>occupied with day job stuff >12 hours a day.
>If you don't hear from me in a short time, move forward based in your
>best judgment.  I trust the group to consider my impressions and to
>think about what merit they may (or may not) have.
>Sent from my iPhone
>> On Jun 23, 2014, at 23:27, "Mattmann, Chris A (3980)"
>><> wrote:
>> I'll now wait to see what Ted thinks, but as far as I'm concerned you
>> guys are moving in the direction I suspected (graduation) based on my
>> admittedly limited searching of mail archives and basic metrics done
>> the other day.
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