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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Request for mentor assessment
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 23:33:20 GMT

I would like to kindly request some assistance
from the mentors of the following projects: devicemap,
kalumet, s4, wave and npanday (all CCed).

I would like to figure out whether the concerns I have
for these projects are justified and if they are, what
would be the proposed steps for the IPMC.

To be more specific:
   * DeviceMap has been in the incubator since
      2012-01-03. It seems like it is still struggling
      with the basics: producing releases and growing
      its PMC. What's the recommendation here?

   * Kalumet has been in the incubator since 2011-09-20.
     On one hand, it may be ready to graduate, but there
     are also a few troubling signs. We need to get
     recommendation on how to proceed.

   * S4 seems to be on a trajectory for retirement. Can we,
      please, have mentors initiate that discussion in the
      community and follow up on general@ ?

   * Wave is similar to Kalumet in that its been incubating
      for a very long time (since 2010-12-01) but still show
      troubling signs of lack of activity, lack of releases and
      active PMC involvement.

   * NPanday has been incubating since 2010-08-13. Has
      a pretty consistent track record of missing reports and
      low amount of activity.

And speaking of NPanday it seems to also have an additional
complication of mentors missing in action. I am also looking
for ideas of how to fix that. The best thought I have so far
is to ask for volunteers to step in and help.

Anyway, to make long story short, if mentors could check
back with their projects and reply to this thread with
concrete assessments and recommendations that would
be awesome.


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