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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Samza 0.7.0-incubating RC0
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2014 01:45:38 GMT

+0 (binding) due to NOTICE file - seems minor I know but it is important to get right.

I checked:
- Vote seems OK - although would be good to have [VOTE][RESULT] with tally of binding votes
- Release file name name contains incubating
- NOTICE and LICENSE mostly good (but see below). May be issue with glyphicons license?
- NOTICE incorrect - uses "by" rather than "at"
- All source headers are good
- There are a couple of binary files (see below) but think these are OK
- Can compile from source

I note that there is an SIL licensed font in the distribution, this is a category b license
[1] are the PPMC satisfied that all conditions noted in [1] are met? Looking at the LICENSE
this seems good to me but no harm in double checking.

Note that there some discussion about if copyright notices go in LICENSE or not for permissive
licenses. It seems helpful to me, but may not actually be required.

There are a few binary files in the source distribution
- font files (fontawsome + gyphicons)
- doc .graffle files

Could an alternative format be found for the omigraffle files?

Things you may want to consider changing for the next RC / release:
- Have [VOTE][RESULT] with tally of binding votes
- Place release in
- Add "apache" to release artefact name
- Change name to be more in line with other Apache releases ie use "src" at end rather than
"sources" at front
- Not sure that KEYS is useful inside .tgz
- Could use short version of licenses in LICENSE [2]
- remove ".reviewboardrc"
- double check gyphicon LICENSE is MIT
- is docs/Gemfile.lock needed?
- Possible to use alternative format for omigraffle files?



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