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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduation of Apache Allura from the Incubator
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2014 02:16:37 GMT
On 3/16/14 3:46 AM, sebb wrote:
> On 16 March 2014 03:43, Dave Brondsema <> wrote:
>> On 3/14/14 8:19 PM, sebb wrote:
>>> On 14 March 2014 20:16, Cory Johns <> wrote:
>>>> Ok, I think we've addressed all of the issues.  Namely:
>>>> * The status page (
>>>> has been updated, and now the correct canonical project web page (namely
>>>>, as well as having an improved
>>>> project description, links to the docs, and updated news items
>>>> * The aforementioned docs are now hosted at
>>>> (which is also linked to from the
>>>> main project page at
>>>> * The footer on has been fixed
>>>> with the correct trademark and copyright information and links
>>>> * All Apache Allura (incubating) references have been corrected on
>>>>, and
>>>> Additionally, the unused page at has
>>>> been updated to automatically redirect to the main project page at
>>>>, and its associated (unused)
>>>> download page has been updated with a link to the releases repository, so
>>>> that they are useful for people who may have bookmarked them previously,
>>>> even though they are no longer linked to from anywhere.
>>>> This should cover all of the concerns that have been raised thus far, save
>>>> for the location of the issue tracker which, as previously mentioned, is
>>>> difficult undertaking that will be addressed in the future (and the status
>>>> page indicates this).
>>> Well, there is still the issue of the download page.
>>> There does not seem to be any way to find it from the new site.
>> There's a download button in the middle of the page.
> Not sure how I missed that before - I was expecting to find a top-level link.
> However there needs to be a link to the KEYS file [1] otherwise users
> cannot easily use the signature.

Added a link alongside the 'sig' link, under the download button.

> BTW, Allura 1.0.1 should now be removed from the dist area - only the
> latest supported release(s) should remain on the main mirrors.

Fixed.  Doc reference for anyone interested:

> [1]
>>> Also there are some branding requirements that are missing from the site.
>>> See
>>> In particular
>> I've added these links to our main navigation page.  I've also added the (tm) as
>> required.
>> Thanks for your feedback on all this.  Is there anything else we're missing for
>> graduation?
> Looks a lot better now, thanks!

If Sebb, Roman or David Nalley would like to voting on this release in light of
the recent improvements to Allura branding and web presence, that would be much
appreciated.  I think I will tally the results soon (tomorrow perhaps).

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