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From "Amend, Christian" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Release of Apache Olingo 1.1.0 incubating (RC03)
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 11:39:49 GMT
Hi Dave,

thanks for your feedback :)

The parent zip file is a pure source distribution. The README contains this paragraph because
we have these dependencies when building or deploying our project but they are not included
in the zip file and thus are not mentioned in the LICENSE file.
If you have a look at our dist-* (e.g. dist-ref) packages they contain the necessary licenses
in the LICENSE file for the binary sources they include.

The sha files were built with sha512 and I think we will change the naming there for the next
release to make this more clear.

The way I understood the paragraph in [1] is that if you make changes to the mandatory text
it has to be approved by the Incubator PMC. Since we did not change this and only added our
website at the end I hope this is within the acceptable range. Nevertheless if this is no
show stopper I will address this on our mailing list after the release.

Thanks & Best Regards,


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From: Dave Brondsema [] 
Sent: Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014 06:52
Subject: Re: [VOTE] Release of Apache Olingo 1.1.0 incubating (RC03)

Hello Christian, and Olingo team.

So far I have only looked at since it seemed
like the main source file.  I also haven't tried to build it, since it's been a
long time since I've done any Java :)

The last section in the README file states there are dual licenses, weak
copyleft dependencies, etc, and refers to the LICENSE file for details.  The
LICENSE file only has the AL2 in it.  Are there additional licenses used in
Olingo?  If so, they should be properly referenced in the LICENSE file.  If not,
the README shouldn't state such things.  I wouldn't put any licensing info in
the README either way, the LICENSE file should cover that in a single document.

The DISCLAIMER file has extra content (after the 3rd paragraph) that is not
needed.  It doesn't seem harmful to me, but is pretty clear
about using exact text without changes.  I also agree with Francesco on your dev
list about removing blank lines from NOTICE.

What format are the .sha files?  I tried all the sha*sum commands on my system
and none produced anything even similar.  I suggest naming them *.sha1 or
*.sha512 for example.


On 1/31/14 9:18 AM, Amend, Christian wrote:
> Dear all,
> This is a call for a vote on Apache Olingo 1.1.0 incubating. This is our 3rd try
> of our 2nd release. We have resolved all issues which were discussed since our
> 1st release candidate.
> Apache Olingo is a library implementing OData V2 protocol specification.
> A vote was held on the Olingo developer mailing list and it passed with eight +1
> votes where two +1 votes came from our mentors. The vote had zero -1 or 0 votes
> (see the vote thread [1] and result thread [2]), and now requires a vote on this
> list.
> The vote will be open for 72 hours and passes if a majority of at least 3 +1
> IPMC votes are cast.
> [ ] +1 Release this package as Apache Olingo 1.1.0 incubating
> [ ] -1 Do not release this package because ...
> Best Regards, 
> Christian
> [1]
> [2]
> Resources ========
> The release candidate is available here: 
> The release candidate has been signed through the key 475D9522 in: 
> The project KEYS file is available here: 
> The release candidate is based on the sources tagged with 1.1.0-RC03:
> and is based on the following commit id:
> 58849673f6eeb1817d7c952ef11667989b8a994a
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