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From "P. Taylor Goetz" <>
Subject Re: How to handle "module" contributions
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 00:20:41 GMT
Thanks Ted.

Regarding contributions, if someone contributes (e.g. A pull request) to a project with an
established license, couldn't that be considered an implicit grant of rights unless otherwise
specified (e.g. License headers)?


> On Feb 17, 2014, at 6:19 PM, Ted Dunning <> wrote:
> The basic idea is that you have to have the right to incorporate the code
> and be able to demonstrate that right.
> For example #1, you can switch your contributions to ASL2 and be good, but
> you may have problems with the contributions of the others unless the
> contributions are trivial.
> For example #2, it is typically necessary to get a specific grant licensing
> the code to Apache.  If the corporate entity were to relicense the code
> being donated under ASL2, that would suffice, but a letter indicating
> intent to donate would be nice.
> Others may have additional opinions so don't assume my answer is definitive.
>> On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 3:04 PM, P. Taylor Goetz <> wrote:
>> My apologies if this has been asked before or is well documented
>> somewhere. If it is I couldn't find it.
>> What is the process for handling "contrib module" code donations from an
>> IP clearance perspective?
>> Example #1 (
>> An individual (me in this case) wishes to donate code that is licensed
>> under the EPL, and has had a few contributions (no CLAs). Is switching to
>> Apache v2 license and adding license headers all that would be necessary?
>> Example #2 (
>> Same story as the previous example, except this time it is a corporate
>> entity. The project has transitioned to the Apache license.
>> In each case, what is necessary to incorporate the code into an incubator
>> project?
>> (Sorry for the double post, I hit send accidentally.)
>> -Taylor

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