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From Henry Saputra <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduation of Apache Spark from the Incubator
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2014 05:33:04 GMT
HI David Nalley,

Thank you for your comment and concern, really appreciate it.

As Patrick had mentioned in his reply, this is not a persistent problem.
The reminder I sent was about particular topic which could be
interpreted as design or roadmap topic rather than review for a patch.
Rather than reminding an individual or two involved in the discussion,
I decided to send email to dev@ list to show by example  the open and
transparent discussions the ASF way.

Hope this gives some more clarification about the state of the podling
embracing the ASF way.

- Henry

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 9:19 PM, Patrick Wendell <> wrote:
> Hey All - chiming in as an active Spark committer.
>> The part that disturbs me is that after the vote passed in the
>> community, and came to the IPMC a mentor is still having to remind
>> folks that things like strategy and roadmap discussions need to happen
>> on the mailing list. That's a pretty foundational concept in my mind
>> for an Apache project.
> Henry gave a reminder on the mailing list not because it's a
> persistent problem but because it never explicitly came up prior to
> this. We use github for review comments and in one case this week
> there was a brief discussion that could be interpreted as roadmap - so
> Henry just gave a reminder not to do that. I can't imagine why any
> project would *want* to use github review comments for long term
> roadmap discussion... it's a terrible medium for that anyways! We have
> a very active developer list and that is where these discussions take
> place.
>> The missing account issues are somewhat troubling, but also not really
>> within the purview of the podling to fix either; though I find it odd
>> that people committed to the podling (and many initial committers)
>> haven't asked for their Apache account or needed to use it.
> This is because those people have still contributed a lot of code via
> other commiters who merge so it's not an immediate urgency. For
> perspective I am a committer on two other ASF projects but I've never
> personally committed code to either - I do it through the more active
> committers who basically spend all their time merging patches. A few
> of the initial commiters are not currently active on the project;
> they've made major contributions over the last few years of
> development and are committers in recognition of those contributions
> (see above).
> Popping up a level. We are happy to have github discussions forward to
> either our dev- list or a reviews- list or something like that (I
> beleive Matei is setting that up now). If IPCM folks want to debate
> whether we should *have* to do that, it seems sensible to fork a
> thread and discuss elsewhere. If IPMC folks want to debate whether
> github should be allowed at all, I also think it's better discussed
> outside of this graduation thread.
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