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From Joseph Schaefer <>
Subject Re: How to handle "module" contributions
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 00:27:40 GMT
Judgement call depending on what you might
consider a reasonable size for a minor fix
versus an independent work (e.g. new module).
The larger the patch the more likely you should
consider having the author file some paperwork with
Apache to cover the contribution.


On Feb 17, 2014, at 7:20 PM, P. Taylor Goetz <> wrote:

> Thanks Ted.
> Regarding contributions, if someone contributes (e.g. A pull request) to a project with
an established license, couldn't that be considered an implicit grant of rights unless otherwise
specified (e.g. License headers)?
> -Taylor
>> On Feb 17, 2014, at 6:19 PM, Ted Dunning <> wrote:
>> The basic idea is that you have to have the right to incorporate the code
>> and be able to demonstrate that right.
>> For example #1, you can switch your contributions to ASL2 and be good, but
>> you may have problems with the contributions of the others unless the
>> contributions are trivial.
>> For example #2, it is typically necessary to get a specific grant licensing
>> the code to Apache.  If the corporate entity were to relicense the code
>> being donated under ASL2, that would suffice, but a letter indicating
>> intent to donate would be nice.
>> Others may have additional opinions so don't assume my answer is definitive.
>>> On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 3:04 PM, P. Taylor Goetz <> wrote:
>>> My apologies if this has been asked before or is well documented
>>> somewhere. If it is I couldn't find it.
>>> What is the process for handling "contrib module" code donations from an
>>> IP clearance perspective?
>>> Example #1 (
>>> An individual (me in this case) wishes to donate code that is licensed
>>> under the EPL, and has had a few contributions (no CLAs). Is switching to
>>> Apache v2 license and adding license headers all that would be necessary?
>>> Example #2 (
>>> Same story as the previous example, except this time it is a corporate
>>> entity. The project has transitioned to the Apache license.
>>> In each case, what is necessary to incorporate the code into an incubator
>>> project?
>>> (Sorry for the double post, I hit send accidentally.)
>>> -Taylor
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