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From "Russ Jackson" <>
Subject Seeking champion for JSON-Schema project
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2014 23:11:18 GMT

I'm looking for a champion to help me try to get a new Java project into  
the Apache incubator.

I've creating a project that allows users to define JSON schema documents  
that are then used to validate JSON data documents.

The motivation for this was to (a) be able to validate JSON coming in to  
RESTful web services via POST and PUT and (b) to be able to validate, via  
unit tests, JSON leaving a REST service via GET so that service contracts  
with clients can be more fully enforced.

I've also created a schema repository manager as well as the ability to  
generate REST web service documentation from the schemas (and via  
reflection over the annotations on the service classes).

Thanks for the help - I'm very excited about this and am hoping you are  


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