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From Sergio Fernández <>
Subject Re: technical question with maven artifacts and incubating suffix
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2013 17:30:54 GMT
Hi Andrew,

putting back the mailing list in CC, since this could be interesting for 
other podlings.

On 28/11/13 18:12, Andrew Phillips wrote:
>> 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT < 3.2.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT
> I'm not sure whether by "<" here you mean "comes before"/"is older" or
> "comes after"/"is newer", but based on this (rather old) Maven doc [1],
> the following should hold:

for me '<' means 'lower than', so:

     3.2.0-SNAPSHOT < 3.2.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT

means 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT is a lower version than 3.2.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT,
which doesn't really fit with the graduation flow

> "The default specification should be composed as follows:
> <major>.<minor>.<revision>([ -<qualififer> ] | [ -<build>
> For ordering, the following is done in order until an element is found
> that are not equal:
> ...
> * if qualifier does not exist, it is newer than if it does
> * case-insensitive string comparison of qualifier
>    * this ensures timestamps are correctly ordered, and SNAPSHOT is
> newer than an equivalent timestamp
>    * this also ensures that beta comes after alpha, as does rc"
> In your case, the qualifier "incubating" should come before "SNAPSHOT".
> Are you seeing that, or the opposite?

No no, I have clear where it goes. Although we no longer need it :-)

But that documentation clarifies the issue to me. Now I understand why 
artifacts without qualifier (i.e., after graduation) where not 
considered newer that with "incubating" as qualifier.

I caused me some troubles today. And I'd expect to many other podlings 
before. But now it's much more clear; thanks!

> ap
> [1]

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