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From Jakob Frank <>
Subject Apache Marmotta - the podling has left the nest
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2013 11:48:27 GMT
Dear Incubator, dear Marmotta community,

about one week ago, the Board has decided to establish Marmotta as a new
TLP. An interesting and challenging journey has come to its end.

When we started out from the Linked Media Framework towards Apache in
December 2012 we already had invested several years of development into
the project, but we were a rather small and focused group of developers.

During incubation, this situation changed dramatically: The community
opened up, grew and broadened in skills, ideas but also geographically.
New users, contributors and committers joined and are helping out with
pointers to documentation deficits, bug reports, and of course with
documentation and code.

After the code was transferred to the Apache infrastructure, we cleaned
and improved the source code under the sharp eyes of the Apache
community. During the last year, the addition of new features has slowed
down but on the other side the codebase has stabilized and the system is
working more stable than ever before. Now, with the growing community
and hopefully soon more committers, I'm sure we will soon start adding
further improvements and new features.

One of more challenging tasks was the thorough analysis and cleanup of
licenses and dependencies. Getting LICENSE & NOTICE correct - well,
rather "acceptable" - for the first release was long and tiresome work.
But not for void, in return you, and all downstream projects and users,
get the legal protection and warrant of the Apache Software Foundation.
At this point, I'd like to thank all who contributed to the N&L by
picking the pieces together, nagging here and there and pointing to the
bits that are missing.

This is the place to express our thanks and gratitude to our mentors
during incubation:
Andy Seaborne, Fabian Christ, Nandana Mihindukulasooriya, thank you so
much for your help and guidance during the last year! We are glad you
stay with us after graduation, be it in the PMC or on the mailing lists!

Our thanks also go the incubator community for all the advices we got,
often indirect via the general discussion on the list. Marmotta might
leave the incubator, but I'm sure most of us will stick around.

A journey has come to its end? Well, not an end at all, we rather passed
an important milestone and the journey already goes on: We are currently
working on our first release as a Top-Level Project and hope to finally
have it ready before Christmas. What a nice present ;-)

Jakob Frank (Marmotta PMC Chair)
on behalf of the Marmotta PMC

TL;DR: A big THANK YOU to our mentors Andy Seaborne, Fabian Christ and
Nandana Mihindukulasooriya, and to the general Incubator for seeing us
through the incubation process.

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