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From Chris Mattmann <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Aurora for Apache Incubation
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 05:49:22 GMT
+1 (binding).


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From: Dave Lester <>
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"" <>
Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013 9:08 AM
To: "" <>
Subject: [VOTE] Accept Aurora for Apache Incubation

>Since discussion about the Aurora proposal has calmed and the team
>published a snapshot of the their source code on github (
>, I'd like to call a vote for Aurora to
>become an incubated project.
>The proposal is pasted below, and also available at:
>Let's keep this vote open for three business days, closing the voting on
>Tuesday 10/1.
>[ ] +1 Accept Aurora into the Incubator
>[ ] +0 Don't care.
>[ ] -1 Don't accept Aurora because...
>= Abstract =
>Aurora is a service scheduler used to schedule jobs onto Apache Mesos.
>= Proposal =
>Aurora is a scheduler that provides all of the primitives necessary to
>quickly deploy and scale stateless and fault tolerant services in a
>Aurora builds on top of Apache Mesos and provides common features that
>allow any site to run large scale production applications. While the
>project is currently used in production at Twitter, we wish to develop a
>community to increase contributions and see it thrive in the future.
>= Background =
>The initial development of Aurora was done at Twitter, and its codebase
>recently open sourced. This proposal is for Aurora to join the Apache
>= Rationale =
>While the Apache Mesos core focuses on distributing individual tasks
>nodes in a cluster, typical services consist of dozens or hundreds of
>replicas of tasks. As a service scheduler, Aurora provides the abstraction
>of a "job" to bundle and manage these tasks. Aurora provides many key
>functionalities centered around a job, including: definition, the concept
>of an instance and the serverset, deployment and scheduling, health
>checking, and introspection. It also allows cross-cutting concerns to be
>handled like observability and log collection.
>= Current Status =
>== Meritocracy ==
>By submitting this incubator proposal, we¹re expressing our intent to
>a diverse developer community around Aurora that will conduct itself
>according to The Apache Way and use meritocratic means of accepting
>contributions. Several members of the Aurora team overlap with Apache
>Mesos, which successfully graduated from the Incubator and has embraced a
>meritocratic model of governance; we plan to follow a similar path forward
>with Aurora and believe that a synergy between both projects will make
>even easier.
>== Community ==
>Aurora is currently being used internally at Twitter. By open sourcing the
>project, we hope to extend our contributor base significantly and create a
>vibrant community around the project.
>== Core Developers ==
>Aurora is currently being developed by a team of seven engineers at
>== Alignment ==
>The ASF is a natural choice to host the Aurora project, given the goal of
>open sourcing the project and fostering a community to grow and support
>software. Additionally, Aurora integrates with Apache Mesos, and Apache
>ZooKeeper for service discovery.
>We believe that inclusion within Apache will build stronger ties between
>these projects, and create further alignment between their goals and
>= Known Risks =
>== Orphaned Products ==
>The core developers plan to continue working full time on the project, and
>there is very little risk of Aurora being abandoned since it is running
>hundreds of services as part of Twitter¹s infrastructure. Additionally,
>members of the Mesos community beyond Twitter have expressed interest in
>advanced scheduler like Aurora (see ³Interested Parties² section); we
>believe that need will drive some of the community involvement necessary
>for the project to incubate successfully.
>== Inexperience with Open Source ==
>Initial Aurora committers have varying levels of experience using and
>contributing to Open Source projects, however by working with our mentors
>and the Apache community we believe we will be able to conduct ourselves
>accordance with Apache Incubator guidelines. The close relationship
>the Aurora team and Apache Mesos means there is an awareness of the
>incubation process and a willingness to embrace The Apache Way.
>== Homogenous Developers ==
>The initial set of committers are from a single organization, however we
>expect that once approved for incubation the project will attract
>contributors from more organizations. We have already had conversations
>with other companies who have expressed an interest in Aurora.
>== Reliance on Salaried Developers ==
>Initial Aurora committers are salaried developers at Twitter, however
>shortly after open sourcing the code we plan to diversify the project¹s
>core committers and contributors.
>== Relationships with Other Apache Products ==
>Initially, Aurora has been developed as a scheduler for Apache Mesos.
>Additionally, it relies on ZooKeeper for service discovery, allowing
>servers to register at a location and clients to subsequently discover the
>== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ==
>While we respect the reputation of the Apache brand and have no doubts
>it will attract contributors and users, our interest is primarily to give
>Aurora a solid home as an open source project following an established
>development model. We have also given reasons in the Rationale and
>Alignment sections.
>= Documentation =
>This proposal exists online as
> Basic build instructions
>are included in the existing github repository, and the source code has
>thorough documentation. User documentation exists internally to Twitter,
>and as part of incubation will be adapted to share and improve user
>documentation overall.
>= Initial Source =
>= Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan =
>A snapshot of the Aurora scheduler has been posted on github for review:
>= External Dependencies =
>All Aurora dependencies have Apache compatible licenses.
>= Cryptography =
>Not applicable.
>= Required Resources =
>== Mailing Lists ==
> * aurora-private for private PMC discussions
> * aurora-dev
> * aurora-commits
>== Subversion Directory ==
>We prefer to use Git as our source control system: git://
>== Issue Tracking ==
>= Initial Committers =
> * Jonathan Boulle (jon at twitter dot com)
> * William Farner (bill at twitter dot com)
> * Suman Karumuri (skarumuri at twitter dot com)
> * Maxim Khutornenko (mkhutornenko at twitter dot com)
> * Dave Lester (dlester at twitter dot com)
> * Kevin Sweeney (ksweeney at twitter dot com)
> * Brian Wickman (wickman at twitter dot com)
>= Affiliations =
>= Sponsors =
>== Champion ==
> * Benjamin Hindman (benh at apache dot org)
>== Nominated Mentors ==
> * Jake Farrell (jfarrell at apache dot org)
> * Benjamin Hindman (benh at apache dot org)
> * Chris Mattmann (mattmann at apache dot org)
> * Henry Saputra (hsaputra at apache dot org)
>== Sponsoring Entity ==
>Incubator PMC

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