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From Romain Manni-Bucau <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] BatchEE to implement JBatch @apache
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 10:21:35 GMT
Dear ASF members,

I would like to propose the BatchEE project to the Incubator.

The BatchEE proposal is available at:

I welcome your feedbacks and suggestions.


Here is a copy of the proposal:

= BatchEE, JBatch Implementation =

=== Abstract ===

BatchEE will be an ASL-licensed implementation of the JBatch
Specification which is defined as JSR-352 (for version 1.0).

=== Proposal ===

BatchEE specification is an effort for defining a standard API and way
to write batches in Java. It is integrated with JavaEE (JTA, CDI....)
but works out of the box in a standalone environment.

BatchEE Project is responsible for implementing the runtime container
contract for the JBatch specification. Besides the implementation,
BatchEE Project will implement the core built-in components that
further simplifies the developer complex interactions with other Java
EE specific enterprise operations. For example, it will define default
reader/processor/writer for jdbc, jpa, xml/json/flat files...

=== Background ===

Until today writing batches in java meant using a proprietary
framework and link to JavaEE was quite limited (or missing). JBatch
defines an API fixing this issue and now developpers need a fix.

=== Rationale ===

Current JBatch specificatin is released, and only the reference
implementation is available but not really intended to be maintained.
Moreover multiple Apache projects (geronimo, TomEE, ...) will need an
Apache compatible Jbatch implementation to go ahread and implement
JavaEE 7.

=== Initial Goals ===

The initial goals of the BatchEE Project are

 * Fully implement the JSR-352 specification.
 * Attracts a community around the current code base.
 * Active relationship with the other dependent projects to further
develop some useful batch components.

== Current Status ==

=== Meritocracy ===

Initial developer of the project is familiar with the meritocracy
principles of Apache. He knows that the open source gets power from
its great developers and freedom. He also developed some other open
source projects. We will follow the normal meritocracy rules also with
other potential contributors.

=== Community ===

There is a great community within the OpenEJB, OpenWebBeans, Geronimo
and TomEE Apache projects. BatchEE project is very related with these
projects and in the some cases, it enhances these projects. We are
thinking that BatchEE project gets strong community because it
complete the needed frameworks of a java developper and unifies the
using of these projects. It simplifies the developer effort for
building complex enterprise applications batches.

=== Core Developers ===

BatchEE project has been developing by the IBM then forked by Romain
Manni-Bucau as a sole contributor.

=== Alignment ===

BacthEE project will be a candidate for use in Geronimo AS and TomEE
as a default JBatch implementation. Other projects could benefit from
the BatchEE project as a general purpose component and context

BatchEE project is closely aligned with the OpenEJB and OpenWebBeans
projects perfectly. It depends on these projects to satisfy its
requirements (mainly tests).

== Known Risks ==

=== Orphaned products ===

Even if the initial committer of the project has no plan to leave the
active development, it must necessary to get other committers for the
project. So that it less dependent on the single developer. The source
code of the project is well documented and new committers could easily
grasp the details. Initial committer continues to support actively
this project.

=== Inexperience with Open Source ===

Initial developer have worked on open source project before, including
OpenEJB/TomEE, OpenWebBeans, XBean...

=== Homogeneous Developers ===

Altough the initial committer of the project is single, developer team
may be increased within the active project lifecycle from the
different locations.

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===

Project currently has no salaried developers. All the commitment is
done by the volunteer developer.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===

BatchEE will likely be used in the Geronimo and Apache TomEE.
OpenWebBeans could bring added value for tests and integration with
CDI. OpenEJB will be great to pass EE tests (JTA is mandatory and CDi
a must have).

=== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===

BatchEE project initial committer is the strong supporter of the open
source projects. Initial committer of the project thinks that ASF has
great place that provides wider colloboration and support of the open
source project and it respects meritrocracy. Also, BatchEE project
will surely be embraced by the Geronimo, TomEE, Camel and other Apache
projects. BatchEE project is closely related with the some of the
other Apache projects.

== Documentation ==

Currently the main documentation of the project is contained in the in the source repository (see next part).

== Initial Source ==

The source for BatchEE project that is to be imported is currently
within the project at and
is all ASL2.0 licensed. It is based on a fork of the JBatch RI
(developped by IBM) which said it was ok to fork the RI:

== External Dependencies ==

All dependencies have Apache compatible licenses.

== Required Resources ==

Mailing lists


Git repository


Issue Tracking


Other Resources

 * Wiki

== Initial Committers ==

|| '''Name'''           || '''Email'''                              ||
'''CLA'''        ||
|| Romain Manni-Bucau   || rmannibucau at gmail dot com             ||
yes              ||

== Sponsors ==

We kindly request the Apache Incubator PMC to be the sponsor for this project.


 * TBD (tbf at apache dot org)

Nominated Mentors

 * TBD (tbf at apacge dot org)

Romain Manni-Bucau
Twitter: @rmannibucau

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