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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Shepherding September 2013
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2013 04:34:40 GMT

Here are notes by shepherds and Mentors extracted from our September 2013

Shepherd participation was light this month; a few stalwarts seem to have
quietly fallen away.  Thanks to them for their past efforts...  If there are
volunteers out there interested in shepherding, please speak up -- we have
slots.  (Sheperding can be as minimal as scanning the mailing list archives to
ensure that a podling's Mentors have been engaged over the last quarter, or it
can involve observations and opinions as per the style of most present

The full exchange regarding Drill has been included in this compendium, though
it was removed from the Board meeting agenda and thus will not end up the
Board's minutes.  The conversation continued on general@incubator at

Marvin Humphrey

Apache: Project Drill

Shepherd notes:

  (Dave Fisher/wave)

    I am concerned the podling is missing the DISCLAIMER in its source code
    and on most web pages.  There is a lot of activity but it does not seem
    to include any drive to make any release.  There is tremendous community
    building activity.  Heavy on community and light on Release/IP.

  Rebuttal to shepherd notes: (Ted Dunning/tdunning)

    I think that the Dave is substantially incorrect in his assessment that
    there "does not seem to include any drive to make any release".  This is
    factually and patently incorrect.  I have asked that the shepherd
    reconsider this comment and retract it as it does not reflect the
    substantial progress that the community is making towards a release.

  (Isabel Drost-Fromm/ Apache Mahout, mentor Drill)

    Dave, as for the missing disclaimer - there are still a few branding
    issues with Drill. The project is currently on it's way to the first
    release - for a discussion on an initial RC and issues related to it see
    also In the process of
    preparing this release a couple issues surfaced that seemed more
    fundamental and are now in the process of being fixed. The Drill
    community reacted very positively to the input they got and are
    diligently fixing problems. Mentors provided several links both to
    Apache-wide as well as Incubator-specific documentation on what needs to
    be checked for an Apache release. The next RC will show how helpful that
    turns out to be with fixing the existing problems.

  (Grant Ingersoll, mentor)

    Unlike most Incubator projects, Drill is starting from scratch code-wise
    and community-wise and thus it will take longer to release, IMO.  AFAICT,
    the community has sustainable development underway.  That being said, I
    was just thinking it needed to do a release and then lo and behold there
    was an RC and a vote.  As Isabel points out, the community has responded
    well to the feedback on the release.  Once this release is out, I would
    expect the community to release more often, but other than that, I think
    the community is developing well, and is, in fact, doing some novel
    community building things like Google Hangouts that are open to anyone
    and which I think are very positive.


Shepherd notes:

  (rvs) Look like project is on track. Nothing jumped out at me as requiring
  any special attention. Mentors seem to be pretty engaged and steering the
  project in the right direction.


Shepherd notes:

  (rvs) Project looks reasonably well off -- no major surprises. I was a
  little bit surprised by a very low JIRA activity but on the other hand
  they've got an exemplary Wiki and ML traffic is not too shabby either.


Shepherd notes:

  (Dave Fisher/Wave) S4 knows how make releases. Is concerned about community
  growth and think that may impede graduation.  I think that they are
  actually ready to graduate.


Shepherd notes:

  (rvs) Look like project is on track. Nothing jumped out at me as requiring
  any special attention, except it would be nice to have to have a second
  release out (since the first release was done immediately after entering an


Shepherd notes:

Mentor notes:

  Ben Laurie and Vincent Siveton have stepped down as Mentors, leaving the
  project with two active mentors. Currently this is not an issue.

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