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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Shepherding August 2013
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2013 00:45:56 GMT
Here are all the shepherd comments extracted from the Incubator's August 2013
Board report at <>:


  mfranklin: The podling's activity looks great and they are constantly adding
  new committers.  I would like to see more discussion around graduation on
  the dev list.


  mfranklin: Podling activity appears to be solid.  It would be good to see
  the community rally around producing a release.



  (marvin: No shepherd assigned, since the podling reported out of cycle.)

Hadoop Development Tools


  acabrera: Nice active podling.  It's already done a release.  I'm not sure why
  they haven't started discussing graduation but I would support such a move.

  There seems to be a few security oriented software named Knox.  There may be
  a naming problem here, unless the product was consistently named Knox
  Gateway and not Knox; just my opinion.


  The podling is off to a good start (Dave Fisher - wave@)


  acabrera: Not a lot of activity.  Most of the mail is comes from the Jenkins
  server.  :)  Still, the lone developer seems to be reasonably active.  I
  think it's telling that there is no report filed.


  rgardler: The project is still in the initial setup phase so not much to
  report. Mentors are engaged where they need to be.

Open Climate Workbench

  rvs: Open Climate Workbench looks like a pretty healthy
  community with a strong potential for graduation.




  rvs: Tashi looks completely dormant at this point. Despite my repeated
  on-list and off-list emails it appears that I couldn't find anybody to
  compile a report. The only discussion that resulted from my attempts is
  captured over here:

  Personally I think we need to figure out a path to *some* kind of a
  resolution here. I don't think Tashi benefits from being an incubator
  project and we need to figure out how to get it to a different trajectory.



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