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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Shepherd assignments August 2013
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 04:26:02 GMT

Here are shepherd assignments for our August 2013 report:

    SHEPHERD           PODLING
    Alan Cabrera       NPanday
    Alan Cabrera       Knox
    Dave Fisher        MetaModel
    Dave Fisher        Hadoop Development Tools
    Matt Franklin      Ambari
    Matt Franklin      Blur
    Ross Gardler       Olingo
    Matt Hogstrom      Spark
    Benson Marguilies  Samza
    Suresh Marru       Droids
    Suresh Marru       Tez
    Roman Shaposhnik   Tashi
    Roman Shaposhnik   Open Climate Workbench

For future use, I assembled a compendium of all previous shepherd assignments,
below.  We'll probably want to stuff the data into a JSON or pickle file and
use it to feed algorithmic assignment later.

Dave, I hope I've managed to satisfy your request to be assigned communities
you haven't visited before!

Marvin Humphrey


July 2013

    SHEPHERD           PODLING
    Alan Cabrera       jclouds
    Alan Cabrera       Open Climate Workbench
    Alan Cabrera       ODF Toolkit
    Dave Fisher        JSPWiki
    Dave Fisher        Stratos
    Matt Franklin      Falcon
    Matt Franklin      Tashi
    Matt Franklin      VXQuery
    Ross Gardler       DeviceMap
    Ross Gardler       Marmotta
    Ross Gardler       Ripple
    Matt Hogstrom      Mesos
    Matt Hogstrom      Provisionr
    Matt Hogstrom      Spark
    Benson Marguilies  Chukwa
    Benson Marguilies  Kafka
    Benson Marguilies  MetaModel
    Suresh Marru       Celix
    Suresh Marru       Helix
    Suresh Marru       MRQL
    Roman Shaposhnik   Knox
    Roman Shaposhnik   Tajo
    Roman Shaposhnik   Tez

June 2013

    No shepherding.

May 2013

    No shepherding.

April 2013

    Curator     Suresh Marru
    Falcon      Arun C. Murthy
    Helix       Suresh Marru
    Marmotta    Dave Fisher
    ODF Toolkit
    Open Climate Workbench
    Provisionr  Tom White
    Ripple      Dave Fisher
    Tajo        Hyunsik Choi
    Tez         Arun C. Murthy
    VXQuery     Dave Fisher

March 2013

    Allura mfranklin
    Bloodhound N/A
    cTAKES N/A
    Drill mfranklin
    Hadoop Development Tools mfranklin
    Kalumet mfranklin
    Knox New
    Open Climate Workbench mfranklin
    S4 mfranklin
    Tez New
    Wave grobmeier

February 2013

    Dave Fisher Ambari Blur
    Matt Franklin Clerezza Crunch
    Matt Hogstrom DeltaSpike Drill
    Ross Gardler Droids Hadoop Development Tools
    Benson Margulies Marmotta NPanday
    Roman Shaposhnik Nuvem Onami
    Suresh Marru Ripple Streams
    Alan Cabrera Wink

January 2013

    Shepherd Assignments:

    Dave Fisher: Celix Chukwa
    Matt Franklin: Drill EasyAnt
    Matt Hogstrom: HadoopDevelopmentTools Helix
    Ross Gardler: Marmotta ODFToolkit
    Benson Margulies: Tashi VXQuery
    Roman Shaposhnik: JSPWiki
    Suresh Marru: Onami Ripple
    Alan Cabrera: Mesos Streams

December 2012

    Dave Fisher: Allura, Etch
    Matt Franklin: HCatalog
    Matt Hogstrom: Ripple, Kalumet
    Ross Gardler: Wave, Open Meeting
    Roman Shaposhnik: cTakes, S4
    Suresh Marru: Drill
    Alan Cabrera: Flex, Hadoop Development Tools

November 2012

    Dave Fisher - Amber
    Jukka Zitting - Ambari, NPanday
    Matt Franklin - Clerezza, PhotArk
    Matt Hogstrom - Crunch, Wink
    Ross Gardler - DeltaSpike
    Benson Margulies - Droids, Wookie
    Roman Shaposhnik - Nuvem

October 2012

    Benson Margulies - Kafka, ODF Toolkit
    Dave Fisher - Celix, Kitty
    Jukka Zitting - Chukwa, EasyAnt, Mesos
    Matt Franklin - CloudStack, Tashi
    Matt Hogstrom - VXQuery
    Ross Gardler - DeviceMap, JSPWiki

September 2012

    Benson Margulies - Cordova, Flex, S4
    Dave Fisher - Ambari, HCatalog
    Jukka Zitting - Bloodhound, Kalumet, OpenOffice
    Matt Franklin - Isis, NPanday, Wave
    Matt Hogstrom - Bigtop, Openmeetings
    Ross Gardler - Etch

August 2012

    Benson Margulies - Syncope, VCL
    Dave Fisher - Ambari, DeltaSpike
    Jukka Zitting - Clerezza, Nuvem, PhotArk, Stanbol
    Matt Franklin - Amber, Droids, NPanday
    Matt Hogstrom - SIS, Wookie
    Mohammad Nour - Airavata
    Ross Gardler - Wink

July 2012

    Benson Margulies - Chukwa, DirectMemory, Mesos
    Dave Fisher - Any23, EasyAnt
    Jukka Zitting - AWF, JSPWiki, Tashi
    Matt Franklin - Celix, Kafka, VXQuery
    Matt Hogstrom - DeviceMap, Oozie
    Mohammad Nour - Kitty
    Ross Gardler - ODF Toolkit

June 2012

    Benson Margulies - CloudStack, HCatalog, Kato
    Dave Fisher - Bloodhound, Flume
    Matt Franklin - Bigtop, Flex, Openmeetings
    Matt Hogstrom - Cordova,
    Jukka Zitting - Etch, Isis, S4
    Mohammad Nour - Kalumet
    Ross Gardler - Wave

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