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From Michael Stroucken <>
Subject Re: Tashi status (was "Shepherding August 2013")
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2013 02:09:50 GMT
On 15.08.13 21:22, Marvin Humphrey wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 5:45 PM, Marvin Humphrey <> wrote:
>> --------------------
>> Tashi
>>    rvs: Tashi looks completely dormant at this point. Despite my repeated
>>    on-list and off-list emails it appears that I couldn't find anybody to
>>    compile a report. The only discussion that resulted from my attempts is
>>    captured over here:
>>    Personally I think we need to figure out a path to *some* kind of a
>>    resolution here. I don't think Tashi benefits from being an incubator
>>    project and we need to figure out how to get it to a different trajectory.
> Nice shepherding, Roman.  Thanks for putting in the extra effort to give Tashi
> every chance to file a report.
> Tashi didn't report last month either.  (I've started mimicing the board and
> following up monthly when reports are missed, so this month was an
> out-of-cycle makeup).  They didn't report in April or January, either -- in
> fact, the last report was filed in October 2012.
I believe that was the last one I compiled - I know Richard Gass has 
done a few since then, but I think he was constantly frustrated by 
assorted procedural difficulties getting it submitted.
> I agree that some sort of nudge is needed, whether that results in the new
> volunteers or whether there is a motion towards retirement from the Incubator
> and a migration to Github.  For what it's worth, Tashi Mentor Craig Russell
> noted that progress had stalled back in a note on the January 2013 report, so
> I don't think we're jumping the gun.
As one of the developers of Tashi, I would be in support of making space 
for more deserving projects on the Incubator.

Can I make that proposal? If so: I propose that the Apache Tashi 
incubating project be retired.

> I see that Craig is engaged in that discussion you started.  (That thread
> seems to have stalled, too -- there were four messages three days ago, but
> nothing since.)  My inclination would be to let Craig lead the way if he so
> desires, but otherwise to send a message to the Tashi dev list that the IPMC
> is considering a vote to retire and see what they do.
> FWIW: Tashi made an incubating release, and in my opinion any podling which
> makes it that far has succeeded.  Every software product has a life cycle.
Two, actually, with a third one close to completion. :)

In retrospect, I do want to thank the Apache Incubator for hosting the 
project, and the community for their help and being patient through our 


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