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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Moderation of report reminders
Date Sat, 13 Jul 2013 17:57:33 GMT

This report cycle, I audited the report reminders sent out by "Marvin"[1].
After waiting a couple of days for moderation to clear, I used a web browser
to check the dev list archives for each podling in the report cycle to see
whether the message had arrived.  Reminders did not made it through for three
podlings: Celix, Tajo, and VXQuery.

For each of the three, I subscribed to the dev list to sidestep moderation,
sent a manual reminder, then promptly unsubscribed.  The nudging worked: all
eventually filed reports.

Report reminders not getting moderated through has been a problem for years,
and it's time we solved it once and for all.  Obviously, the labor-intensive
approach I took this month is not sustainable -- we need something automatic.

One possibility would be to set up a script to trawl the mbox archives
scanning for report reminders a couple days after they were sent out, then
mail general@incubator with a report enumerating which reminders didn't go
through.  This may sound like a large project, but we would be able to
leverage a lot of code which Brane wrote for the vote scan:

We might also gather other information during the same trawl and generate a
more rich report:

*   Generate message counts for each podling mailing list, as a rough
    barometer of activity.
*   Scan for Mentor email addresses in recent messages, as a crude shepherding
*   (Suggestions?)

A second possibility might be to consolidate `-allow` lists.  (I'm not sure
whether this is technically feasible -- it came up yesterday on the infra
list, but the discussion was not conclusive.  Perhaps one of the
Infrastructure people on this list could comment.)

The idea is that instead of having dedicated `-allow` lists for each podling
dev list, we would have one omnibus public-allow@incubator list.  Once we
approve `Marvin <>` by adding it to that list, then
reminders will always go through, even for new podlings.


Marvin Humphrey


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