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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] PodlingBillOfRights
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2013 17:00:25 GMT
FWIW, I read it, and liked it. I would support something like this in
terms of making it clearer what we are promising to podlings.

I guess a question that it would be worth clarifying - what happens to a
perfectly reasonable podling who's mentors resign/go awol, when the
Incubator PMC cannot recruit replacements? Can we make any promises at
that point?


On Sun, Jun 16, 2013, at 03:16 PM, Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Since I realize that most of you can't be
> bothered to look at the wiki page I created ;-),
> I'll go ahead and post the current content
> here for commentary.  I hope the bulk of it
> is non-controversial, though some of it may
> not belong on the page...
> ------------------------------------------------
> First a clarification- as provisional constructs of the Incubator PMC,
> podlings have no official standing in the corporation known as The Apache
> Software Foundation. So technically, it is a farce to claim that podlings
> have any formal rights whatsoever. What we write about here are promises
> and covenants the Incubator PMC will make a good-faith effort to honor.
>     1. First, podlings have a right to expect active participation and guidance from
their mentors. That minimally includes participation in release votes, discussions and votes
on new personnel, and signing off on a podling's quarterly reports.
>     2. Mentoring is done solely for the podling's benefit, and as such podlings have
the right to fire mentors for any reason by a majority consensus vote on their private list.
Just don't be denigrating about it, since mentors are always volunteers and not paid staff.
>     3. Podlings who find themselves in need of additional mentors have the right
to ask general@incubator for more mentors to volunteer.
>     4. Podlings have the right to expect their quarterly reports to be read, reviewed,
and critiqued by "shepherds" on the Incubator PMC, who are typically outside the podling's
set of mentors.
>     5. Podlings have the right to express private concerns about anything related
to their incubation to the Incubator Ombudsman <ombudsman@incubator>, who will handle
such communications as if they were sent anonymously.
>     6. Podlings have the right to express their opinions concerning their incubation
efforts post-graduation (or post-mortem) in the form of an anonymous survey.
>     7. Podlings have the right to ignore commentary made on general@incubator in
the middle of a VOTE thread, especially during releases. Reminder- release votes are a majority
consensus vote, so seeing a few -1's occasionally is expected and often ignorable by the RM
should they otherwise see a majority of at least 3 binding IPMC votes.
>     8. Podling committers have the right to remain unsubscribed to general@incubator.
Any relevant policy/process changes will be passed along by the podling's mentors.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Comments and critiques welcome.  I'd like to
> move the ball forward to a ceremonial endorsement
> VOTE on this over the course of the remainder
> of June, so please be constructive!
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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