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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Incubator voting status page
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 19:48:08 GMT
On 1 February 2013 16:29, Branko Čibej <> wrote:
> On 01.02.2013 17:01, sebb wrote:
>> On 1 February 2013 10:29, Branko Čibej <> wrote:
>>> On 31.01.2013 17:18, Branko Čibej wrote:
>>>> On 31.01.2013 16:51, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
>>>>> Branko Čibej wrote on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 16:40:14 +0100:
>>>>>> I guess it's best if I ping infra and ask about getting this done
>>>>>> probably file an INFRA ticket). Infra are also in the best position
>>>>>> know if we can have the page regenerated more often, e.g., once an
>>>>> The first issue I see is that your script assumes it has local access
>>>>> the public-arch tree, so it can only run on minotaur (or on the
>>>>> mail-archives.a.o box).
>>>> Ah, that's a good enough point for doing the dynamic-include thing.
>>>> Initially I thought I'd be downloading the mboxes from mail-archives,
>>>> but ... local access is soo much faster and easier.
>>>> I'll make it work as Christian suggested then.
>>> And it's done. An embedded status page is created on minotaur and
>>> dynamically embedded into the new vote status page. There are only two
>>> issues:
>>>   * It'll take a while for this to show up, since the incubator site
>>>     refreshes once a day (?); in the meantime, the embedded status link
>>>     will be dead.
>> It updates immediately, provided that you publish any changes.
>>>   * The embedded content gets loaded from, not
>>>; AIUI that'll cause browsers to portend
>>>     disaster and in some cases refuse to load the vote status. This
>>>     should be fixed, suggestions welcome.
>> The use of target=_blank causes a new window to created each time the
>> link is clicked; that seems wrong.
> Yes, I just noticed that; copy-paste bug from the standalone page link,
> will fix.
>> Also, it does not work in Firefox. Or Chrome. Or Opera. Or IE.
> That's caused by the the access control constraints, as I point out in
> the text you quoted. I tried circumventing that in .htaccess, but the
> incubator site config doesn't load mod_headers, so that won't help.

However, in that case surely it ought to display an error message?

There is some code that looks as though it tries to report the error:

if (fragment_loader.status != 200)
    html = "<p>Content is not available</p>";
else {
    container = document.getElementById("voter").parentNode;
    container.innerHTML = fragment_loader.responseText;

That looks wrong - why is the error written to a different variable?
Should it not be something like:

container = document.getElementById("voter").parentNode;
if (fragment_loader.status != 200) {
    container.innerHTML = "<p>Content is not available</p>";
} else {
    container.innerHTML = fragment_loader.responseText;

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