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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Expressing priorities about release reviews
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 18:05:57 GMT
I don't think that it's up to the IPMC to decide that the legal
notices aren't worth getting right unless a corporate elephant decided
to trumpet about them. My view is that we, as a PMC, are responsible
for only shipping releases that meet some minimum standard. I am
trying to extract a definition of that minimum standard from legal.

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 12:50 PM, Joe Schaefer <> wrote:
> Trust me, nobody here has any legal training either.
> We're just more familiar with policy, not so much the
> rationale behind it.  And no I'm not saying this
> kind of review is worthless, I'm just trying to
> adjust priorities to better match reality- we can
> provide this "legal" feedback in other ways than simply
> voting against a release, and that's what I'm
> pointing out here.
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>> From: Alex Harui <>
>> To: Joe Schaefer <>; "" <>
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>> Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 12:46 PM
>> Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Expressing priorities about release reviews
>> On 1/14/13 9:20 AM, "Joe Schaefer" <>
>> wrote:
>>>  The thing is Alex, all of this effort
>>>  to dot our i's and cross our t's on the legal
>>>  issues really is only for the benefit
>>>  of major corporations who want to incorporate
>>>  our work into some corporate-branded application.
>>>  Actual end users of our software do not benefit
>>>  one iota from the type of nitpicking we do on
>>>  general@incubator, nor does the org's reputation
>>>  for clean IP hinge on these considerations.
>>>  My attitude is to let the elephants in our projects
>>>  provide their own feedback directly to the projects
>>>  on the legal nitpicks that cause them pain- we do not
>>>  need to police these minor issues on their behalf in a
>>>  generic way.
>> I'm not sure I know what an "elephant" is in this context.  And
>> I'm not
>> quite sure what issues are considered 'i' and 't'.  IMO, it was
>> a good
>> lesson for our podling to see that we can get delayed by not getting the
>> LICENSE and NOTICE and other files right, so we had proper expectations set
>> for when we became a TLP.   And IMO, because IANAL and nobody else in the
>> podling is either, it was good to have other sets of eyes on the reviews.
>> --
>> Alex Harui
>> Flex SDK Team
>> Adobe Systems, Inc.
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