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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Incoming IP Clearance VOTES
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2013 21:14:07 GMT
I wanted to give a heads up to the list: You are going to see 7 IP
clearance vote threads started here in the next couple of days, coming
from the CloudStack project.

The tl;dr version of *why* is that members of the community were still
learning about what it means to develop within the project vs. outside
of it.

For those interested in some of the public discussion of this issue,
see [1].  The PPMC (including mentors) also had a very active
discussion around the root cause on the cloudstack-private@i.a.o list,
as well as why some of us had a problem with the way things went.  I
still have an action to summarize some of those threads for the
cloudstack-dev@i.a.o list, which will be happening shortly.

We realize that we are going to be asking for the process to be
followed for a fairly unprecedented number of donations (given that
it's only January, and there appears to have been only 4 in all of
2012).  However, the CloudStack community came to the conclusion that,
after discussing the behavioral issues, the correct path was to bring
in the donations individually through the correct process.

Prior to bringing these proposed donations to the IPMC, we held
CloudStack community discussions, followed by formal votes within the
community, to accept each of them.

Please bear with us as we do this, and understand that we are working
together as a community to ensure that we have learned a bit more
about how to work as an Apache project.  This is part of the process
that we believe a graduated TLP would have the maturity to do in this
situation, and are attempting to act accordingly.

Last, after an SGA is signed, there will be one more IP clearance vote
started in the next week or two.  This one isn't part of the community
development challenges noted above, as it is an honest donation of
some integration test code that was contracted for development by

Obviously, questions or concerns are welcome.  I can do my best to
represent the CS community's positions on this list, as I'm sure our
mentors and other subscribed PPMC members will do.



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