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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Incubator voting status page
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 04:05:42 GMT
A while ago I proposed we should have a status page showing current
pending votes.

To this end I've begun writing a simple script that parses the
general@incubator Atom feed from Markmail and creates a static web page
with information gleaned from there (it keeps longer-term data in a
SQLite database).

The script is here:

and the current results are here:

That page (should) get updated every 4 hours. It will also list closed
votes up to 30 days old.

There are currently no links to the actual vote threads. Also I'm having
a bit of trouble with the feed from mod_mbox, as it's quite short-term
and doesn't seem to be at all complete; that's why I switched to using
the current month's worth of data from Markmail.

Eventually I'd like to integrate this into the incubator pages, and add
logic to the scripts so they'd yell at general@incubator if votes are

-- Brane

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