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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: DOAP
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 01:28:58 GMT
DOAP files are required for all TLPs, per the Branding policy:

DOAP files are used to autogenerate the projects listing site:

DOAP files are the best way we have currently to ensure we have a 
single, simple and machine-parseable list of all software projects 
available at the ASF.  We currently under-utilize this: it would be nice 
if projects had more detailed DOAPs that we could entice people to 
create interesting visualizations of all Apache projects.  It should 
also be linked to more, so that newcomers to the ASF have an easier way 
to find all the different software technologies that Apache projects 
have to offer to the world.

 From the brand perspective, DOAPs are required so the ASF can track all 
formal TLP projects and major software products that our projects ship 
(among other reasons, so we can one day auto-generate our list of 
trademarks).  DOAPs should also have sufficient information about 
software downloads available so that if someone does write a crawler to 
inspect software products, they'll get useful information.

It would be nice if projects kept DOAPs up to date with all new 
releases, etc., but I personally don't have the effort available in the 
near future to push on that area.  What's more important is ensuring all 
TLPs have at least a basic DOAP that's checked in and reflected at 

We really need to explain this more clearly in the incubator docs, and 
make it clear that having a DOAP checked in is part of the branding 
checklist that is required to complete before graduation.  I.e., we 
should ensure that podlings meet the Project Branding Requirements 
before they go to graduate.

- Shane

On 1/2/2013 5:08 AM, Christian Grobmeier wrote:
> Hi,
> Onami is not listed below, but we have a Doap file (which needs some
> maintenance :-)
> Three questions, because I am not so familiar with Doap files.
> 1) do we have to add them manually to:
> 2) On onami we maintain several independent components. Should we
> maintain different doap files (one for each component), like it seems
> to be done by Commons?
> 3) Should the doap file become part of the release?
> thanks!
> Christian
> On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 1:09 AM, Benson Margulies <> wrote:
>> Hi there.
>> In the process of cleaning up photark, I noticed that very few
>> incubating projects have DOAP files.
>> That is, I looked at
>> If that page is stale and DOAP-i-ness happens elsewhere, someone
>> please fill me in and excuse this noise.
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