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From Ariel Rabkin <>
Subject Re: What constitute a successful project?
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2012 15:46:52 GMT
Hi all.

I've been following this discussion for a while, collecting my
thoughts. I think I've actually come around to Eric Y's feeling here:
the project is closer to graduation than to retirement.

Chukwa, as a community, has a few distinctive features. The system is
specialized big-data infrastructure, and it's mature enough to be used
in production. That has a few consequences:

1) It's not going to have a high rate of change; it's more maintenance
than new development.
2) It's not going to be an easy project for hobbyists to contribute
to, since testing requires access to big infrastructure for extended
3) There is a small set of highly motivated users, who are really
using the code, and therefore have strong incentives to keep the
project healthy.

My sense is that the community is needed more for support and
maintenance than for major rewriting. And my sense is that the
community is able to do that. As Eric points out, there have been a
bunch of patches from people who weren't original core developers.

As part of the podling growth strategy:  I think it would be good to
cut some releases. Let's see if the community has enough energy to
test and vote on release candidates. Let's see how well people
understand the Apache release process.

I'd like, if possible, for somebody new to be the release manager.
Eric and I have both cut releases before and I would take it as a
strong good sign if somebody new stepped up.

If the community has enough energy and activity to respond to user
queries and to do regular releases,I would think it was a plausible
graduation candidate.


On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 2:12 AM, Eric Yang <> wrote:
> Continue the retirement vote, and see if it passes in IPMC.  If it does, I
> will gladly setup shop in github.  If it doesn't, Chukwa community should
> prepare for Chukwa 0.6.0 release, and start voting on Chukwa 0.6.0 release,
> and follow by vote for graduation.  Content in Chukwa trunk contains a
> number of good features and fixes generated by the community.  I really
> appreciate the support by Incubator community to make this possible.  Does
> this sound like a plan?

Ari Rabkin
Princeton Computer Science Department

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