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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject Re: What constitute a successful project?
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 12:13:47 GMT
On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 9:08 AM, Eric Yang <> wrote:
> Apache is a non-profit organization.  If we restrict our thinking model to
> metrics of how many developers, and how many patches are committed in
> pre-defeined time limit.  There is no software that is gong to succeed in
> this evaluation other than commercial software.  Paid developers are
> contributing to the software that meeting cooperate interests at rapid
> pace, and smaller companies will work together until cooperate interests
> tear apart the software, or the funding eventually dry up and the software
> cease to exist, and the community will eventually fall apart.

We don't only apply metrics, otherwise this decision would be very
easy, and we'd not have that discussion right now.
One other aspect for example is that there's no Chukwa release for a
long time. There are a lot of hard and soft facts I personally take
into account for any vote.

> Good
> software usually comes down to a few individuals who work hard to enable
> the community to flourish.  Many of the good software takes decades to
> develop from hobby projects.

As long as these few indivduals are actually there, nobody would close
a project.

> I will accept the voting result from IPMC,
> and I wish IPMC would use better human sense to enable future project to
> flourish.

This sounds like you're frustrated with your mentors. I'm sorry for
that and take part of the responsibility of Chukwa's failure. But
really only a part.

> Chris Douglas resigned from mentor position, therefore, Chukwa will need a
> new mentor, and one of Chukwa contributor Sourygna Luangsay volunteer to be
> the motivator for Chukwa development if Chukwa is voted to stay for another
> 6 months.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, vote (even if non-binding) and take
part in discussion. (Hey, people, if you're out there, post to the
Not much of this happened over the last months.


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