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From "Franklin, Matthew B." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Apache Streams as an Incubator Project
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:46:48 GMT
+1 (binding)

On 11/14/12 7:37 AM, "Franklin, Matthew B." <> wrote:

>Given the feedback received so far I think the Streams proposal is in
>good shape so I am calling for a vote to accept Streams into the
>The proposal is at: and
>also copied as text below.
>Please vote.
>[ ] +1 Accept Streams into the incubator
>[ ] +0 Don't care'
>[ ] -1 Reject for the following reason:
>I'll close the vote at Monday morning on November 19th EST.
> -----
>Apache Streams Proposal
>== Abstract ==
>Apache Streams will be a lightweight server for ActivityStreams. The role
>of Apache Streams is to provide a central point of aggregation, filtering
>and querying for Activities that have been submitted by disparate systems.
> Apache Streams also intends to include a mechanism for intelligent
>filtering and recommendation to reduce the noise to end users.
>== Proposal ==
>Apache Streams will bring together individuals who are or are looking to
>increase and centralize the production, consumption and federation of
>ActivityStreams throughout enterprise organizations and the Internet as a
>whole.  The target features include:
> * Publication of Activities from multiple systems via HTTP
> * Aggregation and syndication of streams
> * Support for security trimming of streams by social graph
> * Noise reduction and intelligent filtering
> * Federation of streams across disparate systems
> * Provide libraries for easy integration in source systems
>== Background ==
>The ActivityStreams specification standardizes a generic format for
>describing event-based data.  Many social web companies have adopted the
>format and it has been included in the OpenSocial specification as the
>preferred method for delivery of activity data.  During discussions of
>ActivityStreams at OpenSocial events earlier in the year, it became clear
>that multiple organizations are facing similar issues as to the
>publication and filtering of their activities and would benefit from a
>commonly-developed, open-source ActivityStreams server.
>== Rationale ==
>In deployment, activities are generated from multiple sources.  This is
>particularly true within the enterprise where disparate systems create and
>manage activities in stove pipes.  What is needed is a central point for
>consumption, aggregation and exposure of activities generated within these
>== Initial Goals ==
>The initial goal of the project is to survey donated code and develop a
>common, high-level architecture for an initial release.  The project will
>then work toward that release in a new code base, pulling in pieces of
>donated code as necessary.
>== Current Status ==
>The MITRE Corporation will donate its prototype code to the project.
>Aside from this, the project is new and will need bootstrap time to
>develop an initial architecture and roadmap.
>==== Meritocracy ====
>As a new project with many team members who are seasoned Apache veterans,
>Apache Streams is prepared to build the project under the Apache Way.
>==== Community ====
>The Apache Streams community combines multiple individuals from different
>organizations, many of which have collaborated before in an open
>environment.  Apache Streams is committed to expanding this community and
>adhering to Apache principles of openness and collaboration.
>== Known Risks ==
>An exercise in self-knowledge. Risks don't mean that a project is
>unacceptable. If they are recognized and noted then they can be addressed
>during incubation.
>==== Inexperience with Open Source ====
>Most of the initial committers have worked in open source and many are
>familiar with the ASF and the Apache Way; but, not all.  Additionally,
>many of the committers have not worked on a software project together and
>will need time to familiarize themselves with each other.
>==== Speed of Development ====
>This project is dependent upon contributions made on company time. For
>this approach to succeed, the project must deliver a workable system in a
>timeframe acceptable to those companies. The initial parties have the
>intention of releasing a first version within 6 months after starting the
>Incubator. Failure to do so could prevent the project reaching critical
>mass, and could prevent the project from being in a position to attract
>new developers.
>==== Reliance on Salaried Developers ====
>At present, the vast majority of contributors will be doing so as a part
>of their day jobs. Therefore, as already alluded to, there is a risk that
>the project won't gain enough traction to be of use to their employers.
>However, given the centrality of these codebases to the participating
>companies, it is clearly in their best interests to transition to an
>openly developed alternative.
>==== Relationships with Other Apache Products ====
>Many of the initial committers will be integrating this software with
>Apache Rave & Apache Shindig.  A possibility exists that code is developed
>by either or both of the projects to support integration with Apache
>==== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ====
>The rationale for the community to propose the project to Apache is that
>Apache offers a meritocratic governance style that is free from direct
>influence by any single company.  This allows all of the participants in
>this proposal to collaborate regardless of which organization pays them.
>== Initial Source and Submission Plan ==
>The MITRE Corporation has developed a prototype using Apache Shindig,
>Apache Rave and the PubSubHubbub Enterprise Engine (PuSH-EE) [1].  The
>source for this will be donated to the ASF upon successful execution of
>MITREĀ¹s open source technology transfer process.
>== Cryptography ==
>The only cryptography included by the project will be via library
>inclusion.  As it is currently under discussion at legal-discuss as to
>whether or not this qualifies for BIS registration, we propose that any
>actions to arise regarding cryptographic libraries be deferred until
>suitable resolution to the discussion is achieved.
>== Required Resources ==
>Resources that infrastructure will be asked to supply for this project.
>== Mailing lists ==
> * Apache Streams-commits
> * Apache Streams-private (moderated subscriptions)
> * Apache Streams-dev
>== Subversion Directory ==
>== Issue Tracking ==
>JIRA Apache Streams
>== Other Resources ==
>No special resources or infrastructure required
>== Initial Committers ==
> * Matt Franklin (mfranklin at apache dot org)  - Apache Member
> * Craig McClanahan (craigmcc at apache dot org) - Apache Member
> * James Snell (jmsnell at apache dot org?) - Apache Committer
> * Ate Douma (ate at apache dot org) - Apache Member
> * Ryan Baxter (rbaxter at apache dot org) - Apache Committer
> * Jason Letourneau (jletourneau at gmail dot com)
> * Beth Lavender 
> * Mark Weitzel
> * Steve Blackmon 
>== Affiliations ==
> * The MITRE Corporation (Matt Franklin, Jason Letourneau, Beth Lavender)
> * IBM (James Snell, Ryan Baxter)
> * Jive Software (Craig McClanahan, Mark Weitzel)
> * Hippo (Ate Douma)
> * WCG (Steve Blackmon)
>== Sponsors ==
>==== Champion ====
> * Matt Franklin
>==== Nominated Mentors ====
> * Matt Franklin
> * Ate Douma
> * Craig McClanahan
>==== Sponsoring Entity ====
> * Apache Incubator
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