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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject New graduation jiras
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2012 15:08:51 GMT
outlines the jira tickets infra would like to see when a project
requests resources migration at TLP graduation.  The biggest change is
that DNS/website/mailinglists are handled by 1 ticket.

Some caveats not documented there are:

- The PMC chair is still responsible for using modify_unix_group as
  appropriate --- we initialise the group membership on a best-guess
  basis, but the chair must check that it's accurate and add/rm people
  as needed.  modify_committee however is initialised directly from the
  Board resolution (thanks mostarda@ for the parsing code).

The under-the-hood is a new set of scripts that parse the board minutes
and automate a few common parts of the graduation process.

That's all --- I think everything else is documented on the link.

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