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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Jr. Mentor role
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2012 11:29:19 GMT
This whole thread was launched, if I read Ross' remark correctly, by
my doing something stupid. I've apologized. It's not at all clear to
me that my mistake is example of a common kind of stupidity.

I perceive, however, an ambiguity. The phrase 'proper IP
verification,' more or less, has echoed down this thread. What is it?
Can anyone define it? It has better not, for example, mean 'scanned
every file in the release for an appropriate header.'

A release is the result of a process. The job of the incubator is to
teach podlings that process. A real 'full IP verification' would
involve tracing all the IP back through the commits -- and,
ultimately, that the committers are committing their own work. That's
clearly not going to happen. Instead, what's supposed to happen is
that IPMC members are supplementing and supervising the PPMC members
in policing themselves.

NOTICE, LICENSE, and all of that are the "limbs and outward
flourishes" of the process. There are some subtleties to their correct
construction, and the 'release task force' is a means of harnessing
expertise to check them.

If a podling is getting proper attention from its mentors, then IPMC
members should have confidence in the process. They should be able to
check the big-ticket items, make a few spot-checks, and thus
contribute a level of extra assurance.

If a podling has not been getting proper attention from its mentors
for a very long time, it needs new mentors, and those mentors need to
invest effort in making up for prior inattention.

At the risk of further reopening lengthy threads of a year ago, I'll
pose a question: what does it mean to be a member of the IPMC?
Membership in any PMC is an acceptance of collective responsibility
for supervision of the activities in of the PMC. You can dig into the
details of one or more podlings and be a mentor. You can help
cross-check and be a shepherd. Just hanging out and voting for
proposals and graduations? In spite of this rhetorical flourish, my
argument above agrees with Marvin. Podlings need mentors who pay

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