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From sebb <>
Subject Re: automating history charts and Clutch
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2012 11:07:53 GMT
On 18 September 2012 03:32, David Crossley <> wrote:
> sebb wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>> > Jukka Zitting wrote:
>> >> crossley wrote:
>> >> > r1386462
>> >> > Modified:
>> >> >     incubator/public/trunk/content/history/current.txt
>> >>
>> >> Thanks for keeping that file up to date! The graph at
>> >> is quite useful.
>> >>
>> >> However, I'm wondering if there really is need to manually maintain a
>> >> separate text file when all the required information should already be
>> >> present in podlings.xml. Can we generate the current.txt file from
>> >> podlings.xml, or (even better) have the client create the history
>> >> graph directly from podlings.xml?
>> >
>> > It would be fantastic if someone could automate that.
>> > At the moment, the current.txt (yellow) is maintained manually
>> > and the entry.txt (green) is automatically handled by Clutch.
>> > Ideally both would be automated independently of Clutch.
>> Perhaps add a task to build.xml that generates current.txt and
>> entry.txt from podlings.xml?
>> Could extract the entry.txt code from clutch and extend it to handle current.txt
>> If that sounds reasonable, I'm happy to give that a try.
> That seems like a good solution, now that we have the podlings.xml file.

I've created an XSLT script that generates a version of entry.txt.
It currently generates the output in date order rather than reverse
date order as that is easier - one can use position() for the number.
Not sure why the order is currently reversed; the Javascript does not
seem to care about ordering.

Is there a reason for the reverse data order?

I've started looking at current.txt.

>> Maybe at some point clutch itself could be run automatically whenever
>> podlings.xml is updated.
> Perhaps just run it twice per day regardless. There are other
> things that it assesses too.

I'd forgotten that.

> Yesterday the podlings.xml was updated a number of times
> in quick succession to catch up with laggard graduates.
> So would not want to run cumbersome Clutch on each update.

Very true, it does take quite a while.

> Or perhaps it could be triggered by Ant, say 30 minutes after
> the update, otherwise once per day.

Tricky to get that right.

> Clutch seems reasonably robust now. The main thing that
> used to trip it up was project names with inconsistent
> spellings for different resources. The recent addition of
> the "resourceAliases" attribute in podlings.xml does assist.

Yes, though we would need to ensure that the log file was available
for inspection.

Could perhaps be run by the apsite login on minotaur. This runs the
people and projects builds.

> -David
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