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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Board will be proposing a new TLP
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2012 13:31:39 GMT
On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny <> wrote:
> Le 6/30/12 2:23 PM, Jim Jagielski a écrit :
>> Since all code was developed w/i the ASF, by ASF people, and
>> is under the ALv2 (either implied/confirmed by the authors or
>> explicit in the code itself), there is some debate on whether
>> or not Incubation is even required...
> Sure we should go through incubation, to make sure the peeps being STV code
> *knows* about the Apache Way...
> Or is this simple non-sense ?

No I don't think this is non-sense. However note that as Jim pointed
out, the difference here, that would favor the direct TLP route, is
the fact that everyone working on the voting tool are already Apache
Committers and Members. Conceivably they already know the "Apache
Way". Then again a quick incubation process might help get an extra
sanity check from the Incubator.

Your point makes sense considering outside participants to build a
larger community around the tool. Incubation might be a good
environment for a mass influx of "new to Apache", interested parties
to participate. But it does not sound like they're going to be
directly involved, knocking on our doors immediately. Also there's no
IP to vet. I presume this is more a matter of making the software an
official Apache Product with PMC endorsed releases that other
organizations like OpenStack can use immediately.

+1 Setup TLP without incubation, yet I can understand arguments for a
quick incubation.

Best Regards,
-- Alex

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