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From Neng Geng Huang <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Busilet Proposal
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 20:45:45 GMT
Dear Incubator PMC :

I would like to ask that you accept the following proposal for a new
incubator project at Apache.

Best regards

Huang Neng Geng

Project Proposal: Busilet
Author: Huang Neng Geng (mailto:
Date: June 4, 2012
Statsu: Draft

1. Abstract
The Busilet is a reference implementation of Identifier Tracing
Protocol (IDTP). It
is a JSON-based middleware development tool.

2. Proposal
Busilet is to provide a JSON-based framework for UTID information
exchange and tracing
and implementation of IDTP. UTID (Universally Traceable Identifier)
and IDTP are two
innovative concept I suggested last year in an IEEE conference titled
“Concept and
design of a things mail system”. After one year further research, I
developed the
reference implementation. UTID and IDTP has broad application
prospects in the area
of clouds calculation, distribute database, product identification,
the Internet of
Things, monomer recognition in industry.

3. Background
Web service is widely used to develop middleware. But WS is complex
and heavyweight.
In the anther hand, Electronic Product Code (EPC) is widely used in the product
coding. The busilet is to integrate these two technologies to establish a
framework to tracing the source of product.

This innovative idea was inspired from the design and implementation of things
mail (a mail system of physical parcel). The things mail system allow
any people
send any parcel to any other user through any express company from any place at
any time. Therefore, UTID is designed to identify parcels, users,
places, companies,
and other object in the system. IDTP is designed to tracing any objects that
identified by UTID. Busilet project is the implementation of IDTP and has been
applied in real application.

4. Rationale
Although the busilet project has achieved its initial goal which demonstrates
the feasibility, we may expect that UTID and IDTP has broad application
prospects in the future. It is necessary that product level software be
produced for wide users. The current implementation has many weeks, too.
I would like to have some expertise person to join the project and to
obtain supervise from experts to continue the development of the project.

5. Initial Goals
* Evaluate the framework by expert.
* Add encryption function to data transfer
* Add server authentications.
* Add client authentications.
* Improve the session function.
* Test and improve performance

6. Current Status
We plan to do everything possible to encourage an environment that
supports a meritocracy.

The Busilet is a project on SourceForge. It will remain an active community
and continues to grow.

Core Developers
Because of the prospects , it is expected that developers from a variety
of existing Apache projects will become part of the team.

7. Known Risks
Orphaned products
This project is recently started and has only one developer at present.
There is a risk of being orphaned. Hope more people will join.

Inexperience with Open Source
We will increase inexperience with open source while working on this project.

Homogenous Developers
More developers from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of needs
are welcome to join this project.

Reliance on Salaried Developers
The busilet project does not rely on salaried developers.

Relationships with Other Apache Products
None at present.

An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand
While we expect the Apache brand may help attract more contributors, our
interests in starting this project is based on the factors mentioned in the
Rationale section. However, we will be sensitive to inadvertent abuse of
the Apache brand and will work with the Incubator PMC and the PRC to ensure
the brand policies are respected.

8. Documentation
A full document may be downloaded form

9. Initial Source
A full source and demos may be downloaded form

10. Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan

11. External Dependencies
jackson project (open soruce)

12. Cryptography

Best regards.

Mr. Huang Neng Geng
Associate Professor
Computer Information Engineering Department
Wuxi Institute of Technology
Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, 214073
Mobile: 13921501950

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