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From Christopher Hunt <>
Subject Re: [mojo-user] [ANN] JSZip Maven Plugin 0.1-alpha-1 released
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2012 00:43:09 GMT
On 02/06/2012, at 12:30 AM, Stephen Connolly wrote:

> Oh I know about that but it prevents the live editing that is possible
> by using the jszip packaging type.
With the MJS setup, it is normal to edit the js files having previously invoked "mvn jetty:run"
on the command line. In another terminal, if you simply "mvn process-test-resources" then
the updated files become incrementally available to Jetty. MJS automatically configures Jetty's
context path to pick up target/classes and target/test-classes and serve them from the one
context. We're also integrating with m2e in order to leverage its incremental bindings so
that this becomes entirely automatic.

Jason Van Zyl's Tesla project provides a means of watching the file system for changes and
invoking goals on Maven. I'll be investigating that further shortly.

I think it is great that you're actively developing JS capabilities with Maven. It would be
superb to collaborate on the MJS project and make it achieve your goals. Please feel free
to get in touch directly so that we can see what areas of commonality there are.

Kind regards,
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