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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject [Discuss] Apache Steve
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2012 10:03:53 GMT
Background: over a period of time, the ASF has developed a number of 
tools that help with voting processes.  These are used to vote in new 
boards and members.  From time to time, they have also been used by 
various PMCs.

These tools are currently located in a foundation private location:

We've received (and/or planted :-)) outside interest in these tools, and 
as such thought about how to make a release of these tools for outside 

The votes cast to date are private, but the tools used to process these 
votes need not be.

Much of the initial code was written by Roy Fielding, and I can verify 
that we have an ICLA on file for him.  Jim expressed an interest in 
chairing, and I can vouch that he "gets" the Apache Way :-).  Greg Stein 
wrote/ported (after which this proposal is named), and knows 
how to make an ASF release.

I can go on, but a number of things are clear: the code is in active 
use, this code is already in ASF repositories and has been for some 
time, everybody who has contributed to date has an ICLA on file, and 
everybody who has contributed to date qualifies to be a Mentor for this 

This so far has lead us to the conclusion that there really isn't any 
"incubating" that needs to be done.

I'd like to open the topic up for discussion.

To kick things off, I'd copy the draft ASF Board resolution into the 
incubator wiki, but apparently "SamRuby" is not in the 
ContributorsGroup.  If somebody could rectify that and/or copy the 
resolution into the wiki, I would appreciate that.  There's not much to 
see there, it simply is a routine resolution, full of words like 

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  I apologize for publishing private links to a public list, but the 
clear intent here is to open everything up.  We just need to figure out 
the best way to get from where we are to where we want to be.

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