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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: Preparing for July report
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2012 08:11:12 GMT
On 28/06/2012 10:04, David Crossley wrote:
> Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:
>>>> Jukka Zitting wrote:
>>>>> [...]
>>>>> Speaking of the wiki page, now that the reporting schedule has been
>>>>> migrated from the wiki [2] to the podlings.xml file [3], we
>>>>> unfortunately no longer have the nice per-group listing of podlings
>>>>> that I used for pre-filling the report wiki page. It would be great if
>>>>> someone with XSLT skills could adjust the stylesheet [4] to output a
>>>>> list of the podlings expected to report next month.
>>>> Jukka,
>>>> I've drafted a couple of XSLTs for this need:
>>>> 1. podlings-report-per-month.xsl
>>>> taking as input parameter the full name of the month for which you want
>>>> the list of podlings expected to report in that month; this version
>>>> doesn't have any requirement on XSLT processor.
>>>> 2. podlings-report-per-month-exslt.xsl
>>>> this will derive next month via EXSLT datetime and output the list of
>>>> podlings expected to report in that month;
>>>> Which version would you prefer?
>>>> How should I provide the file(s)?
>>>> How are you going to make this available? Do you need a Cocoon instance?
>>>> Regards.
>>> Sounds great. Note that Seb had already done a simple one.
>>> See
>>> The XSL is at
>>> See report-groups.xsl
>>> The CMS magically generates stuff. See the ant "build.xml"
>>> file the with the "report-groups" target.
>>> Follow his svn trail. You might be able to install yours similarly.
>> Hi David,
>> thanks for the info: I've taken a quick look.
>> However, I need to know which version to install and, in case of (2),
>> how the target month parameter can be provided.
> Wait, no, i did not mean installing Cocoon.
> Just showing that Seb has already done a simple job which
> will keep Jukka going. If people want to add more then
> follow Seb/Joe clever example of using the Apache CMS
> in conjunction with Ant to do the processing.

"I don't know which version to install" was meaning between the two
options provided above: don't worry, I didn't mean to install Cocoon
only for this :)

I am not sure whether it is more handy to have the month report produced
based on current date (1) or on provided input parameter, but I
interpreted your initial suggestion to replicate what done by Sebb, i.e.
ANT-based transformation triggered by someone (the CMS?) on podlings.xml


>>>>> [...]
>>>>> [1]
>>>>> [2]
>>>>> [3]
>>>>> [4]
>>>>> [5]

Francesco Chicchiriccò

ASF Member, Apache Cocoon PMC and Apache Syncope PPMC Member

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