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From Josh Thompson <>
Subject [VOTE] graduation of VCL as a TLP
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 18:02:47 GMT
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IPMC members,

Given the positive feedback from Jukka Zitting and no negative feedback, I'd 
like to request a vote for the graduation of VCL as a TLP to be proposed to 
the ASF Board at the June board meeting.  I've included the discussion email I 
sent last week as a reference.  I'd like to close the vote on Friday morning, 
June 15th.  This will allow the vote to be open for over 72 hours and allow 
enough time to get the resolution submitted to the board and on the agenda for 
the June meeting.

Please reply with your vote.

+1 yes, VCL should graduate
 0 don't know
- -1 no, VCL should not graduate - please include why not

Josh Thompson
PPMC member, ASF VCL

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Subject: [DISCUSS] graduation of VCL as a TLP
Date: Thursday, June 07, 2012, 1:18:33 PM
From: Josh Thompson <>

IPMC members,

The VCL project would like to graduate.  We think we have fulfilled all of the 
requirements for graduation.  We had a successful community graduation vote, 
including positive votes from 2 mentors.  The result of that vote is in this 
email (mentors denoted by * in the list):

We have prepared a board resolution that can be viewed on our wiki:

There is one member listed in the initial member list (Dmitri Chebotarov) 
whose ICLA has been sent in but not yet processed.  If something were to keep 
his ICLA from being processed, we understand that his name would need to be 
removed from the list before a vote is called for us to graduate.

There was also a vote in the community to appoint Andy Kurth as our initial 
chair.  The result for that vote is in this email:

Please provide any feedback on our charter.  Also, let us know if there are 
any other issues that may need to be completed before we would be allowed to 

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Josh Thompson
VCL Developer
North Carolina State University

my GPG/PGP key can be found at

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