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From Jukka Zitting <>
Subject June reports in two weeks
Date Wed, 23 May 2012 23:28:18 GMT
Hi all,

There's plenty of time still before the June reports [1] start flowing
in. As an early remainder to podlings starting to draft their reports,
here's how the IPMC saw your status as of the previous quarterly
report in March [2]:

  IP clearance: Openmeetings
  No release: Bloodhound, Cordova, OpenOffice
  Low activity: Kalumet, Kato
  Low diversity: Bigtop, Etch, Isis, HCatalog, S4, Wave
  Ready to graduate: Flume

Has the situation in your podling changed over the last three months?
If not, what's your plan for improving the situation? Is there
anything for which you'd appreciate more help?

I'm especially worried about Kato as it seems like the project has
more or less died even though the JSR 326 / Oracle trouble got finally
sorted out. Is it time to retire the project or can we hope for a

I also wanted to start preparing for this reporting round in good time
by assigning shepherds [3] already now. Using a fuzzy algorithm based
on the available volunteers, their stated preferences, and the
podlings they're already mentoring, I came up with the following
initial assignments that I've also recorded on the wiki page:

  Benson Margulies - CloudStack, HCatalog, Kato
  Dave Fisher      - Bloodhound, Flume
  Matt Franklin    - Bigtop, Flex, Openmeetings
  Matt Hogstrom    - Cordova,
  Jukka Zitting    - Etch, Isis, S4
  Mohammad Nour    - Kalumet
  Ross Gardler     - Wave

Feel free to shuffle these around or ask for someone else to fill in
if you're expecting to be too busy for the extra reviews in early
June. Other IPMC members and interested observers, please jump in and
volunteer as extra shepherds if you'd like to help this effort.

As discussed earlier, shepherds are not there to replace existing
mentors. If everything is going well with a project, the shepherd can
simply acknowledge a report and move on. If there are any relevant
questions that the report doesn't answer, the shepherd may ask the
podling and its mentors for more details. And finally if something
seems wrong, the shepherd should raise a flag for the mentors and the
rest of the IPMC to focus on. Most importantly, we need to be talking
*with* the podlings, not just *about* them, so especially any
constructive and encouraging feedback to them will be highly useful.



Jukka Zitting

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