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From Jukka Zitting <>
Subject Re: Shepherds for podling reports
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 13:18:49 GMT

OK, so let's see how this works out in practice. We have 19 podling
reports to review by next Wednesday (Ambari is still empty).

To keep the required effort down to a reasonable level, I divided
these to six slots of three reports each and divided them among me,
Ross and Matt and three other potential volunteers. I'll take care of
the outlying mini-report of the retiring Zeta Components.

Since Ross is a mentor of four of the podlings that reported this
month (nice!), I ideally would have excused him from all extra review
duty this month. But since we're a bit low on volunteers (and Ross
seemed eager enough :-), I decided to assign two reports to him and
take the extra one myself. I also took Ross' stated interest into
mobile stuff into account by assigning PhotArk (that's nowadays trying
to become a HTML5/Cordova mobile app) to him before dividing the
remaining reports in sequence.

The resulting TODOs are (see also the May2012 wiki page):

  - jukka:     Airavata, Droids, SIS, Wookie, Zeta Components
  - rgardler:  Amber, PhotArk
  - mfranklin: Ambari, Flex, Stanbol
  - shepherdX: Clerezza, Lucene.NET, Syncope
  - shepherdY: CloudStack, NPanday, VCL
  - shepherdZ: DeltaSpike, Nuvem, Wink

Please reply if you'd like to volunteer as one of the X, Y or Z
shepherds. No longer-term involvement required, if you like you can
just volunteer for a one-off round of reviews this month.

See my earlier mails [1,2] for a quick summary of the kind of stuff I
personally do when reviewing a podling report. That level of review
should require less than an hour of effort for three reports, plus
some extra time in case extra feedback or other followup is needed.

Matt, can you take care of pursuing a report from Ambari or, if they
can't make it in reasonable time, ask them to report again next month?



Jukka Zitting

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