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From Jukka Zitting <>
Subject Mentor cleanup
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 22:47:51 GMT

To a large extent the Incubator relies on the efforts of our mentors
to help podling communities learn the Apache Way and the various ASF
policies and practices. Usually this works pretty well, but every know
and then we see podlings that are left struggling with little or no
mentor help. An unfortunately we don't have very good mechanisms in
place for detecting and dealing with such situations.

I'd like to start fixing that by first figuring out the extent of the
problem and identifying at least the podlings worst affected by such
"mentor deficit". To do so I started going through the mentors listed
for each podling reporting this month (except ones still in their
first quarter) and tried to spot any community interactions from the
mentors over the past three months on either the public or private
project mailing lists. I classified a mentor as "active" if at least
one such interaction (including a report sign-off) was spotted, and
"inactive" otherwise. IMHO someone who doesn't show up with any
feedback or other help, not even a +1 to a draft report, over an
entire quarter isn't living up to the expectations we generally set on
project mentors.

If your name shows up as an "inactive" mentor below, that may be a) a
mistake on my part, b) temporary absence for whatever reason, c) a
call to action, or d) a reason to consider resigning from mentoring
that particular podling. In case of d), such resignation should not be
considered a failure (we're all volunteers here), but rather a
valuable signal to the rest of the IPMC that new mentors may be needed
for that podling.

With that background, here are my results for the first batch of six
podlings (more to come over the next few days):

  - active: Alek Slominski, Ate Douma, Chris Mattmann, Ross Gardler
  - inactive: Paul Fremantle, Sanjiva Weerawarana

  - active: Owen O'Malley
  - inactive: Arun C. Murthy, Chris Douglas

  - active, not in status file: Raymond Feng
  - inactive: Brian McCallister, David Jencks, Gianugo Rabellino,
Jean-Frederic Clere
  - listed in projects.xml: Henning Schmiedehausen

  - active: Ross Gardler
  - inactive: Karl Pauls, Reinhard Poetz
  - listed in projects.xml: Gianugo Rabellino

  - active: David Blevins, Gerhard Petracek, Jim Jagielski, Mark
Struberg, Matt Benson, Matthias Wessendorf

  - active: Richard Frovarp, Thorsten Scherler
  - inactive: Paul Fremantle

Note that for Amber and Clerezza the the projects.xml file lists a
different set of mentors than than the status page. I assume that the
status page is more up to date in such cases. We discussed this
mismatch a bit in another thread some while ago, but it looks like we
need to bring that up again.

Also, Amber seems to have invited Raymond Feng as a new mentor, but
the status page hasn't yet been updated to reflect this. Raymond, if
you're reading this, as a mentor you should join the IPMC to have a
binding vote on matters related to the podling. As an ASF member you
can simply let me know that you want to join the IPMC and I'll take
care of the rest.


Jukka Zitting

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