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From Seungyoung Kim <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Apache Parser
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 06:18:33 GMT
Apache Parser

General Purpose Apache-style Configuration File Parser

* Definition

  - Apache-style Configuration:
      A configuration file syntax and format originally introduced and used
      in Apache HTTPd.

* Abstract

  Apache-style configuration syntax provides powerful, versatile and flexible
representation of data which can be adopted by many other applications.

* Proposal

  We're proposing a developer library of General Purpose Configuration Parser
based on and expanding Apache-style syntax.

* Background

  One of common file format is INI-style configuration which provides key-value
pairs and 1-depth section. This format is simple but does not provide much

  XML and JSON format is another one which are used wided, but little bit
too complecated and heavy from application's stand point of view.

  Apache-style syntax can cover both simple and complex layerd configuration.
The syntax is very versatile to represent almost data format and the callback
mechanism adds flexibility.

  Many cases, software engineers pay much of their time to define their
configuration syntax. Apache-style configuration can be a good suggestion.

* Rationale

  Apache configuration has originally introduced by Apache HTTPd. When this
project is provided as a one of Apache projects, we believe this project can
grow up with strong community and use base.

  It also helps future apache projects adopt this syntax for their new projects.

* Initial Goals

  Initial goal is providing core library logic in C implementation.
Other language bindings will be provided after that.

  Initially, configuration parser will provide two way access of parsed
entries. One is callback model which is the model Apache HTTPd is using.
The other way is key-value model, primary for simple use and for other
language bindings.

* Current Status

  At this point, initial base codes has written.

* Community

  This project needs engineers for other language bindings. This is one of
reasons we want this project to be a Apache project.

* Inexperience with Open Source

  The core developer, Seungyoung Kim, has been driven and involved in
several open-source projects such as qDecoder, qLibc, qHttpd and RingFS.

* Required Resources

  - Mailing lists:

  - Subversion Directory:

  - Issue Tracking:

  - Other Resources:
      WIKI page

* Initial Committers

  Seungyoung Kim (wolkykim at gmail dot com)

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