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From Martijn Dashorst <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Graduate Etch from the incubator
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 07:08:25 GMT

The Etch podling has been in the incubator for about 4 years. It has
seen lots of drama with the departure of the original contributor of
the project. Fortunately a very small, committed team has persevered
and remained quietly in the incubator, committing bits and releasing
the software. Recently they completed a second trademark search
successfully and in my opinion there are no issues remaining to keep
them in the incubator.

There are some issues to discuss:

The community is small

The PMC would consist of about 3 or 4 Etch ppmc members. I am willing
to stay on as a PMC member if the podling is OK with that. While I
don't have a direct use of the technology (personal or business wise)
I do want to see this project succeed. In my opinion it is just damned
sexy you can drive in your car and be using Apache software.

The pace of development is slow

The project is mature, and is used in production, so I expect it to
move slower than the average web framework. It is also a protocol
specification, so in that front I don't expect quick new releases.
Perhaps if more automobile car entertainment system engineers would
join and create a module system, more development would happen.

Attracting new developers has proven difficult

I suspect that being in the incubator is a (minor) part of this
problem. While I don't expect droves of committers to join the project
once graduated, I do think that having a top level project with a nice
announcement prepared by/with Sally will help shine some much need
light onto this framework. I don't expect that graduation is an
instant magnet, but I do think remaining in the incubator is hurting
further community development, given the nature of the software.


In my opinion Apache Etch (incubating) has completed all tasks
assigned to the project when it entered. It has encountered hardship,
it has prevailed. There is nothing left in the incubator for the Etch
community to pursue. It is time for Etch to graduate. I'd like to hear
more from the IPMC if there is support for this move. If so, I'll
start the preparations for graduating Etch.

Martijn Dashorst

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