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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Jukka Zitting for IPMC Chair (was Re: NOMINATIONS for Incubator PMC Chair)
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 16:09:46 GMT
On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 7:16 AM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J)
<> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> OK there has been enough discussion here. It's time to VOTE for a new IPMC
> chair and it looks like the remaining folks (including me) that were in the running
> have aligned beyond the following nominee: Jukka Zitting. Suffice to say, he was
> *my first choice* :)
> In the interest of moving the current discussion matters forward, please VOTE
> on this recommendation to the board by the IPMC. I'll leave the VOTE open
> for at least the next 72 hours:
> [ ] +1 Recommend Jukka Zitting for the IPMC chair position.
> [ ] +0 Don't care.
> [ ]  -1 Don't recommend Jukka Zitting for the IPMC chair position because...
> Note that only VOTEs from the Incubator PMC members are binding, but
> all are welcome to voice their opinion and it will be recorded in the final
> tallies.
> Finally, just to note, these VOTEs on personnel are normally the only
> thing in Apache that is discussed in private (human/social issues), but
> in the interest of openness and transparency that has been demonstrated
> here during these discussions, I will hold this VOTE on the public list.
> Thanks!
> Cheers,
> Chris
> P.S. Here's my +1. Thanks buddy.
> On Feb 8, 2012, at 3:11 PM, Benson Margulies wrote:
>> I am happy to step out of the way for Jukka. He was clever enough to
>> stay out of the email s*** storm, and that alone, in my mind, renders
>> him most qualified.
>> On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 6:02 PM, Christian Grobmeier <> wrote:
>>> I already mentioned that I would have nominated you, and so I am
>>> delighted to read your message. It will be very difficult to choose
>>> between all these strong candidates.
>>> Cheers
>>> On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 11:49 PM, Jukka Zitting <>
>>>> Hi,
>>>> After consideration and some convincing (thanks!), I've decided to
>>>> throw also my hat into the ring as a candidate to be the next chairman
>>>> of the IPMC.
>>>> I believe in that role I could be more effective in focusing more of
>>>> our collective attention at where I think it would do most good - at
>>>> the actual podlings we're here to help.
>>>> That said, the current incubation process clearly has problems and I
>>>> very much support efforts to improve the way we work (even if the
>>>> result is to replace the Incubator with something better). However,
>>>> I'd like to leave the leadership on these efforts to others and, as
>>>> mentioned elsewhere, rather try to act as a balancing force that helps
>>>> achieve consensus where possible.
>>>> Should I be elected, I'd resign as the chairman of the Jackrabbit PMC.
>>>> In fact I think it's in any case high time for Jackrabbit to be
>>>> rotating that role.
>>>> Finally, if elected (and assuming the IPMC still exists), I'd serve
>>>> for at most two years before calling for a re-election, or possibly
>>>> much less if I don't find enough free cycles to perform the duty as
>>>> well as it should.
>>>> BR,
>>>> Jukka Zitting

+1 for Jukka, and thanks Noel !!!

Luciano Resende

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