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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: February report review
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 18:37:56 GMT
On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 12:37 PM, Jukka Zitting <> wrote:
> Hi,
> The podling reports this month [1] seem pretty good in general.
> I spent some time unifying report formatting and fixing some minor
> issues (like Stanbol needing an intro paragraph). I also pinged
> NPanday and Zeta Components that have still not reported (both also
> missed their previous report), asking them to report again next month
> unless they already have something ready. HISE didn't report as the
> project is just about to retire.
> Based on the submitted reports I'd divide the projects into the
> following three rough categories:
> 1) Still getting started at the Incubator (7 podlings)
>   - Any23
>   - Bloodhound
>   - Cordova
>   - DeltaSpike
>   - DeviceMap
>   - Flex
>   - Openmeetings
> 2) Not yet ready to graduate, categorized by most pressing issue (12 podlings)
>   2a) IP clearance: Amber
>   2b) Release trouble: Clerezza, Stanbol
>   2c) Low activity: Ambari, Nuvem, PhotArk, SIS, Wink
>   2d) Low diversity: Airavata, Droids, VCL, Wookie
> 3) Ready to graduate (3 podlings)
>   - Jena
>   - Lucene.NET
>   - OpenNLP
> Also, I looked at the number of mentors signing off a report. Most had
> at least two explicit sign-offs, which is pretty good. Here's the list
> of projects with less than that:
> - no signoffs: Amber, OpenNLP
> - one signoff: Any23, Ambari, Jena, Lucene.NET, Nuvem, Openmeetings,
> PhotArk, Wink
> I'm not yet sure how useful (or even meaningful) summaries like this
> are. If people find this summary useful or more importantly something
> we can act on, then we could try doing it again for future reports.

This demonstrates active oversight.  I particularly like the asking of
those projects that didn't report to do so next month.

In fact, I would go further.  Freeze the wiki page, add a link, and
submit this as the Incubator report for this month to the board.

I don't mean this to sound like a "yes, but", but you have identified
12 podlings that aren't new and aren't ready to graduate.  Are there
active plans to address the top issue identified?    If there are
plans, and there is evidence of recent progress towards resolving the
issue, fine.  Otherwise, please identify what actions the Incubator
PMC should be taking.  That action could be as simple as asking the
podling to report again next month.

> [1]
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting

P.S.  This may very well piss off four people, but have you thought
about being Chair for the Incubator PMC?

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