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From Ian Dickinson <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - Packages renaming and backward compatibility (was: Re: [VOTE] Graduate Sqoop podling from Apache Incubator)
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 13:34:00 GMT
On 29/02/12 10:02, Mohammad Nour El-Din wrote:
> I don't see that this getting to any clear end yet. So I suggest that we
> take this from a Sqoop instance to be a discussion on rules them selves.
> I would like to start a [VOTE] about whether it is a *must* for podlings to
> rename all packages before being a TLP or not over keeping the old package
> names for backward compatibility. What ever the consensus going to be built
> we definitely need to update the Incubator documents to clear this kind of
> issue. But before starting the vote I would like to consider others'
> opinions.
> Thoughts ?
In the case of Apache Jena (incubating), we have more than ten years' 
worth of existence as an open-source project. In that time, there have 
been countless tutorials, articles, research papers, code snippets, 
books and add-on tools that make use of Jena code in the com.hp 
namespace. But Jena was never an HP *product*, it was an output from the 
HP research lab in the UK.

Our intention as Apache project has been much like Sqoop's: to migrate 
to org.apache names but keep a compatibility layer in place. We had 
thought that migration wasn't necessary for graduation, but if it is, no 
biggie. What would be problematic for our community is if we can't host 
the compatibility layer packages *at all* under Apache. If we have to 
expunge all references to com.hp.* packages, then all that 
back-catalogue of tutorials etc will be instantly obsolete ... unless 
folks know to go and separately download the jena-compatibility package 
from SourceForge or wherever it would hypothetically end up.

Some of the discussion around Sqoop has been that the 
backwards-compatibility requirement is all about Cloudera's customers so 
it's Cloudera's problem. In the case of Jena, it has never been about 
HP's customers, and it definitely isn't HP's problem since none of the 
current committers work there any more.


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