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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release jena-tdb-0.9.0-incubating (RC-4)
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 20:44:48 GMT
On 23/02/12 18:32, sebb wrote:

Hi sebb,

Thanks for the review,

>> == Staging repository
> This contains zip and tar.gz binary and source archives, which should
> be deleted as they are not useful to Maven.

There are two addition classifiers used: source-release and distribution.

To take the file 
specifically, this gets there because

    mvn release:perform -Papache-release

puts it there.  This seems to be the practice elsewhere as well:


For "distribution":

We distribute through maven but also many of our users are not 
experienced developers but students, including ones new to java.

To make it as easy as possible for this category of user, we ship a 
distribution which is the collection of jars needed for use without a 
maven/ivy infrastructure.

This is created in the maven target/ area - and it is then renamed into 
the dist/ area as apache-jena* by the distribution build script.  Maven 
forces the name to be jena-tdb-.... on staging whatever assembly root 
name is given.

I seem to have missed some document somewhere - what is the correct way 
to handle this?  Pointer?

>> == SVN tag
>> >
>> >  The module is currently tagged with the version and "-RC-4".  If voted on
>> >  successfully, the tag will be changed ("svn mv") to the same but minus the
>> >  "RC" labelling.
>> >
>> >
> There are a lot of source files without AL headers.
> These need to be fixed.

Could you say which ones you mean?

Following the recent discussion on this (LEGAL-124), I thought the 
conclusion was it wasn't necessary on short files with little or no 
creativity or value.

The files in testing/ are short test files - we do put the ASF header on 
the manifests.


PREFIX :  <http://example/OTHER>

     :NoSuchNode ?p ?z .
     ?x ?p ?z
I found
   A total of 118 files that do not contain th line
"Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under"

   67 under testing/
   25 are scripts
and then there setting and eclipse files that you have commented on before.

(aside: we tried autogenerating Eclipse files following previous 
comments but encountered problems with eclipse:eclipse which we are 


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