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From ant elder <>
Subject Re: On Etch status
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 11:39:21 GMT
On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 8:39 AM, Martijn Dashorst
<> wrote:
> Etch is a cross-platform, language- and transport-independent
> framework for building and consuming network services. The Etch
> toolset includes a network service description language, a compiler,
> and binding libraries for a variety of programming languages. It
> currently supports C, C# and Java. Support for Go, JavaScript and
> Python is deemed alpha status.
> Etch has 4 mentors listed: Yonik, Doug, Niclas and myself. Currently
> it seems I am the only mentor active.
> The facts:
>  - We have roughly 4 active contributors: 3 committers and 1 person
> responding to messages on the dev/user lists.
>  - We know how to add committers: the 3 currently active committers
> were all not part of the team when incubation started. One of them was
> voted in in the last half year.
>  - The community is diverse, or as diverse you can get in a 4 person group.
>  - We know how to cut releases.
>  - Reporting has been on schedule.
> The podling is IMO ready to graduate, but lacks a sustainable
> community (as noted elsewhere). The podling started out as a project
> of Cisco, and had an active group of committers, but when the economy
> happened, the team was disbanded and effectively left the podling
> stranded.
> When I think of the reasons why people are reluctant to join Etch, I think that:
>  - being in incubation hinders adoption of the code base
>  - its use is not advertised well (e.g. BMW uses it in their Minis)
>  - competition in the networking library space is fierce (though not
> too many libs exist)
> The project can address 2, 3 is something external and the IPMC can address 1.
> Now the big question: is Etch a candidate for graduating to TLP?
> I think it is, given the facts. It will be a TLP with issues of
> activity, but so far user questions, development questions are
> answered and releases are cut. The website has been updated recently,
> so I don't see an immediate danger of the project going south. I think
> that graduation of the podling will be a good thing and might give the
> project a bit of renewed energy.
> So... What to do?

Looking at commits in the last three months shows only two active
committers [1] extending that to six months shows three committers and
looking in the mail archives i see that extra committer has emailed
the dev list last month so is still around. So i think it could be
argued that there are three active committers and assuming they're
independent of each other then technically that meets that aspect of
the minimum graduation requirements.

Seems like a borderline case but there are other existing TLPs with
few active committers. I did a bit of digging about in the project and
i guess my gut feel would be if the mentors are recommending
graduation is the best thing for them now and are going to be helping
out by being on the PMC then i'd vote +1 for graduation too.



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